Rumors: The Big Reveal of iPhone-7

Apple has been surprising the populace of the world since its initial stages and this time it has yet left us surprised. Reports had claimed that the new iPhone 7 will be unveiled on September 7th, 2016 with amazing features & iOS 10 but it seems we have some confirmed news this time.

cnBeta has discovered some secret information that one would expect to see at the back of each box of the new iPhone. The box seems to exhibit all the necessary details about the latest edition of  iPhone. Here are the data  we can extract about the new smartphone of Apple:

1. Let’s start with the name:

Apple has tricked us to believe that they are going to launch the smart devices with the same old name but as the leak reveals, there is a slight twist. It will debut with the name “iPhone 7 Plus”.

2. Fixing the Storage Issues:

The Big Reveal of iPhone - design

These days 16 GB or 32 GB is just not enough to store our documents, photos, music and other important stuff in our smartphones. When we check the photo released by cnBeta, the first thing we can see is the ‘increase in the storage capacity’. Apple has constantly launched it’s smartphones with a memory of 16 GB and 32 GB respectively and the latest edition of iPhone has solved the problem. The all new iPhone 7 Plus comes with 256 GB storage memory which will definitely benefit the needy crowd.

3. Adaptor:

The Big Reveal of iPhone - adaptor

The box is full of surprises. The picture hints at the accessories we could expect to find inside the box which is “iPhone 7 Plus, EarPods with Lightning Connector” that can work as Lightning to Headphone Jack Adapter, Lightning to USB Cable, and USB Power Cable” (emphasis ours). It also explains that the iPhone 7 Plus will not have a 3.5mm standard audio jack on the phone, however, we can expect a new type of wired headphone besides the Lightning EarPods. We can also hope to use the adapter to get connected to the phone with the 3.5mm headphones.

4. The Authenticity of the Leak:

The Big Reveal of iPhone - water resistant

Well, to find the authenticity of the leak we have to wait till the big release. China made this leak but the words printed in the retail box induces positive hopes in us. With all the coolest features listed in the box, we hope all the information gathered comes out to be true.


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