Role of Technology in Sports

At TechUntold we cover a variety of interesting topics and today we’ll take a look at the technology that has impacted sport. What has been the role of Technology in Sports and how has technology changed sports for good.

Have you noticed that records in sport are always broken? We think some records will never break, but eventually they are broken. Over 100 years back the fastest man in the world at that time, Donald Lippincott ran a 100 meter race in 10.6 seconds. In the present era, the record is held by, Usain Bolt and he clocked in at 9.58 seconds. That is literally a second faster and for those of you know speed related sport. 1 second is a lot of time.

This is possible because of one reason and that is advancement in sport technology. The hoses are better, the clothing is more aero-dynamic and the training methods have changed, the body supplements have improved and almost every single aspect of the athlete and the paraphernalia around the athlete is different.Today we look at some interesting gadgets, products and advancement in the technology of sports.

The Elevation Mask

technology in sports equipment
Elevation Mask – Sports Gadget

The elevation mask gives resistance to breathing when running. This gives the effect of working out in higher altitudes. Athletes who are from higher altitudes will not have an advantage while training anymore. This improves the lung performance and increases the capacity in turn building stamina.

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miCoach Elite System

The miCoach elite system is a real-time player tracking system with goal tracking. This wearable T-shirt that has a sensor in the back is made by Adidas and it relays real time information about the player’s health condition, stamina, power, heart rate and more. The German national team used this technology during their World Cup triumph. This technology helps in figuring out the limits of the players and how to keep improving those limits. While training the coaches can set the exact training strategy to reach maximum peak performance without tiring out the players for the rest of the days.

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Here is a video of the miCoach Elite System

Video Monitoring Technology

Technique and form is probably the most important aspect for any athlete. Training needs to be improvement focused. A slew of video analysis technology applications have come up that record video and analyze the different aspects of the training depending on the sport. A visual with not only the training videos, but analysis are displayed with actionable numbers the coach and athlete could use to improve themselves.

Role of Technology in sports

Without a doubt, it is clear why records are being broken in the world of sport. With technology that will be invented, our athletes in the near future will be transformed into super humans!

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