How to repost on Instagram, App for Android and iOS

Last Updated: October 16, 2018

This tutorial will let you know how to repost on Instagram App. You will get all the information about how to share pictures and videos of other users on Instagram in Android and iPhone. Best repost app for Instagram shared.

Very often when you like any Instagram post be it Picture or video of the user you’re following, you got no option other than like and comment. The maximum you can do is to save Instagram photo or video which other user has uploaded and then share it as a new post on your profile. There is no feature whatsoever in Instagram official app  to share or repost like retweet and share on Twitter and Facebook respectively.

However, I will share an app for iOS and Android which will let you repost on Instagram. The main benefit of repost is that you share a post on your profile and give credit to the original source at the same time without having to put in much effort.

Repost on Instagram Android and iOS

Repost On Instagram : Android and iPhone

The app to repost on Instagram is same for Android as well as iOS. I will be using screenshots from iOS version of the app.

1. Download Repost for Instagram – Android | iOS

2. Open Instagram and go to the photo or video you want to repost.

3. Tap on 3 dots at the top right just above the post and select Copy Share URL.

How to Repost on Instagram

Note : You won’t get this option if the Instagram profile is Private even though you follow them or the other user follows you.

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4. Now open Repost App and it will automatically identify the post with the URL you copied to the clipboard in the earlier step.

Share pictures on Instagram android iOS

5. Tap on the post and select the position of the watermark to give credit to the original source. Once done select Repost.

Repost on Instagram App

6. Select Copy to Instagram and after this, it will be like an, as usual, post upload on Instagram. You can also go ahead and add the caption of your choice to the repost.

Repost video on Instagram

After you post, the picture or video will be shared on your profile with a watermark identifying the original source.

There are many other apps similar to Repost  like InstaSave which can help you to share other users posts on Instagram. However, I found this app best for repost on Instagram.

Which app or method do you use to repost pictures and videos on Instagram? Share this with your friends on Instagram if you found this helpful.


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