How to replay YouTube Videos Automatically

Last Updated: November 8, 2016

YouTube being the largest online video channel in the world, TechUntold is continuously bringing the YouTube tricks and better ways for you to use YouTube. As users sometimes want to replay the same video on YouTube but have to click on replay button again and again, so today we are going to share with you how you can replay YouTube videos automatically and continuously without pressing the replay button.

In case, you are looking to loop only specific part of YouTube videos then follow repeat certain parts of YouTube videos.

Replay YouTube Videos Automatically Methods

Method 1:

Chrome Apps: Replay YouTube Videos automatically without pressing replay button

The Google Chrome web store has lots of Apps for Chrome users. One such app for YouTube video is available that can let you replay YouTube videos automatically without pressing the replay button. Looper for YouTube is an app that will provide you a loop button under the YouTube player. Once you press the loop button, the video will repeat infinitely.


#1) Go to this Looper For YouTube link to add extension your Google Chrome.

replay youtube videos automatically - looper for youtube
Looper For YouTube

#2) Click on the +Free blue button on the top left corner. It will ask you to add the Looper For YouTube extension to your Google Chrome.

replay youtube videos automatically - add extension
Add Extension

#3) After adding the extension, restart the Google Chrome browser and open any video on YouTube. You will see a red color Looper button on YouTube player. Click once on that button and the video will replay infinite number of times.

replay youtube videos automatically - looper button
Looper Button

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Method 2:

Without Apps: Replay YouTube videos automatically without App

This method is short and easy and no need of installing an app, even you can use this method in any browser. What you have to do is you need to modify the YouTube URL from to Yes, you have to add “repeat” before ”.com”. One more plus point of this method is that you don’t have to click on any button like loop button as in the above method to repeat YouTube video infinitely. The will redirect to the and the video will repeat automatically.

Out of the two methods to replay YouTube videos automatically without pressing replay button, users going to like or use the second method where they can directly put the website name and there is no hassle of installing the app. Even you can go for the second method as it works on all the browsers.


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