How To Remove Sarahah Posts From Facebook Or Twitter News Feed

You landing here is a sign that you have had enough of the Sarahah stuff. The Facebook or Twitter news feed is overflowing with Sarahah posts and it is no longer the Facebook you used to use. The social media feeds have transformed into Sarahah news feed. In case you are just getting started with Sarahah then follow this article to share your Sarahah profile on Snapchat or Instagram to get more messages and ultimately have more fun. However, if you have finally decided to put it aside then we are here with a one click solution to remove Sarahah posts from Facebook or Twitter feeds while viewing on the website.

The Sarahah app has gained a lot of popularity and is on the top of it’s game currently. So, until the dust settles you can follow the steps below to get rid of Sarahah links and photos.

Remove Sarahah Posts From Facebook Or Twitter

How many times have we seen that a simple Chrome extension does the difficult jobs for us? It is no different this time around.

Use the following link to go the Enough of Sarahah extension page on the Chrome web store. Click on Add to Chrome and you are done.

Now, open Facebook or reload the page if already opened. Sarahah links, posts, and photos will be gone for good. Similarly, for Twitter or any other web page, you visit any mention of Sarahah will be blocked.

Block Sarahah Posts from Social Media news feeds
Remove Sarahah posts from Facebook or Twitter news feed

Even Google search or an article about Sarahah on our website will be removed when this extension is activated.

This is because the plugin detects the HTML tags like div, span, links(href) that contain Sarahah and removes them.

And for images, it scans the color code of Sarahah photos and blocks them if it matches.

The method, of course, won’t work on Facebook or Twitter apps. You can always remove the plugin and get to see the Sarahah posts if you change your mind later.

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