How to remove Message button on Facebook page

Use this tutorial to remove Message button on Facebook page of which you are an admin on Android/iOS app and Facebook website. Get to know how to turn on/off  Messaging on your Facebook page and prevent others from messaging you. If private messages on Facebook page have troubled you a lot in recent past then this article is for you, my friend.

Remove Message button on Facebook

Facebook pages are a great way to promote a business or build a brand and spread awareness among users through the power of social media. We too have a Facebook Page for TechUntold. Everything has its drawbacks and Facebook pages are no different. They can hamper productivity and distract when unnecessary messages start coming from a lot of users.

It just kills useful time. Therefore, I had to disable Message button on Facebook page so that no one can message. You too can follow the steps given below to prevent anyone from sending a private message on Facebook page.

Remove Message button on Facebook page

You can turn off Messaging on Facebook page using Facebook App as well as Facebook website. I will share both the methods.

Disable Message button on Facebook Page : Using iOS/Android App

I will use screenshots and steps from Facebook iOS app but fundamentally the procedure remains the same for Android as well.

1. Open Facebook app and tap on the three horizontal lines at the bottom right.

2. Tap on the desired page name, in my case it is TechUntold.

remove message button on facebook page

3. Under page screen, tap on three dots at the top right corner and select Edit Settings.

disable message button on facebook page

4. On the next screen, select General.

5. Now in General settings ,there is an option to turn On/Off  page private messages. Select Off.

turn off messages on facebook page iOS Android app

Follow the similar steps to turn on messaging whenever desired.

Now let us look at the steps for Facebook web.

Turn Off Private Messages on Facebook Page : Using Website

1. Open Facebook and go to your Facebook page.

2. Click on Settings at the top right corner.

3. Next General will be selected by default on the left sidebar. Under General, click on Edit next to Messages.

4. UncheckAllow people to contact my Page privately by showing the Message button” and click Save Changes.

turn off private messages on facebook page

With this, Message button on your Facebook page will be removed. Whenever desired you may turn it on by following the same steps and checking the checkbox.

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We wish this tutorial saved you from a lot of distraction of useless messages. Do share it with your friends and in the case of any query use the comments section below.


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