How To Delete Instagram Followers And Make Them Unfollow You

Did you just accidentally approved a follow request from an Instagram user? Or you don’t want a particular user as your follower who followed you? If this seems similar to your story then continue reading. This guide will share how to delete Instagram followers or how to get them to unfollow you on Instagram.

Delete Instagram Followers


Instagram is a bit different when compared to Facebook in terms of how users interact with each other. In Facebook, if you add anyone as a friend then they too become your friend and can see your posts. To remove them whenever desired you can Unfriend them and they won’t be able to see your content.

On the other hand, on Instagram, that is not the case. If you unfollow someone on Instagram the other user can still follow you and you cannot just simply restrict them from viewing your posts. The only way out is to block that user and the user will be removed from your Instagram followers list.

So let’s go ahead and see how to block anyone in order to remove a follower on Instagram. Screenshots and method used are from the Instagram app for iOS. However, the steps will basically remain the same for Android and Windows too with slight changes.

How To Block On Instagram?

1. Open Instagram app and visit the profile of the user whom you want to block or remove as your follower.

2. After visiting that users profile, tap on 3 horizontal dots at top right corner.

3. Select Block User from the list of options.

How to delete Instagram followers

On blocking them, they will be removed from your followers list and won’t see any posts of yours. You may validate the same by going to your Instagram profile and selecting followers. Search for the user you just blocked. It won’t be there.

You have succeeded in getting them to unfollow you. However, blocking them means they won’t be able to find your profile.

You can know what happens when you block someone on Instagram if you are curious to know about all the changes that would happen on blocking someone on Instagram.

You can unblock them at any time you desire and please note that they will still not be in your follower list even when you unblock them after blocking which is what you wanted ideally. Once you unblock them they can view your profile again.

How To Unblock On Instagram?

1. You can visit their profile be searching using the search bar.

2. Under their profile, tap on 3 horizontal dots at top right corner.

3. Select Unblock User.

How to get users to unfollow you on Instagram

The user will be unblocked and will still not come under your followers.

I wish you were able to make your followers unfollow you with this method. Share this on social media to help out your friends as well. Feel free to ask any related queries in the comments section.


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