How To Recover Deleted Sticky Notes On Windows 7, 8, 10

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Follow this tutorial to recover deleted Sticky notes on Windows 7, 8 & 10. Restore accidentally deleted crucial notes with help of an easy method mentioned here. There is no need for any data recovery software to achieve this.

Yesterday, I was so annoyed with myself when I accidentally clicked on x and deleted a really huge Sticky Note. Actually, I use random passwords for my website accounts, social media and other accounts for security purposes. Obviously, I cannot remember them so I keep them on Sticky notes. Now losing them was no less than a nightmare. I definitely had to find a solution to recover them and my friend luckily I did find a solution. Have a look at it below.

Recover Deleted Sticky Notes On Windows

Windows is programmed in such a way that it stores application data in the temp folder. Sticky Notes data too is saved in the temp folder.

1. Open Computer and go to C Drive.

2. Now open Users folder.

3. Under Users, open folder with your Windows Username.

4. Next, there is a hidden folder by the name of AppData. Open it.

5. Open Roaming and then Microsoft folder.

6. Finally, inside Microsoft folder open Sticky Notes folder. It will have StickyNotes.snt file.

In short, the full path is – C:\Users\[Windows Userame]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Sticky Notes

Recover Deleted Sticky Notes
Sticky Notes snt file

This is the file which contains Sticky Notes data. Open it with any text editor like Notepad or Word. You will find some scrambled characters but the data will also be there.

As in my case, I have a lot of Sticky notes with a lot of data. I cannot just scroll and find the lost data. Therefore, I searched for the phrase I could recollect that I put on that note. And Woah! I found all the deleted data 😀

I also recommend you to search for the phrase if there are a lot of notes.

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We wish that you were able to retrieve lost Sticky Notes data using the method shared in this article. Do share it with your friends. Use the comments section in the case of any queries.

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