How to recover deleted photos from SD card, Android, PC and Camera

Ultimate guide which will help you to recover deleted photos from SD card, Android smartphone, hard drive, camera and more. Retrieve accidentally deleted photos, videos and audios in Windows following this tutorial.

Have you accidentally deleted pictures and videos from your hard drive, android smartphone, sd card or camera? I understand it’s a horrible feeling but don’t you worry anymore as I am here with a solution which will help you recover your deleted priceless memories. Here in this blog post, I will be sharing with you how I recovered lost pictures from my hard drive and pen drive with Stellar Photo Recovery software. If you want to recover other data as well then have a look at Recover Deleted Files and Folders.

Recover Deleted Photos

Recover Deleted Photos from SD Card, Hard Drive, Pen Drive, Android and Camera

1. Download a free trial or purchase Stellar Phoenix Photo recovery software.

Note : With the free trial you can only preview lost files and cannot recover them. Moreover, trial version may not work to the best of it’s ability. You can go for the trial version to see if few deleted files are previewed and then purchase the premium version. [I suggested this based on my personal experience]

2. Once you download the software, install it. Installation is similar to other software’s you install and is as easy it can get. Have a look at the screenshots attached.

Recover deleted photos from SD card

3. After completion of installation, open the software and click on Recover Photo, Audio & Video.

Recover deleted pictures from hard drive

4. Select the hard drive from where you want to recover lost media files. In case you have to recover data from and external hard drive, sd card, android phone and you haven’t connected it yet then plug it in and select Refresh as shown in the image below(after step 5)

5. After selecting the drive notice Scan for Photo, Video and Audio options. You may select the type of files you wish to recover. After making this selection, click on Scan Now.

Recover deleted photos from Android

6. Now just sit back and let Stellar Photo recovery do the magic for you. Time taken to scan will depend on the size of drive selected for recovering data. Larger the size of the drive and higher will be the taken.

Recover lost photos

Scan in Progress

7. After scanning completes, select Deleted List section on the left pane. The list of deleted files will be shown. Select them and click on Recover.

Recover lost images from sd card

I used it to recover photos from the hard drive and pen drive. Also, I ran a check if it could recover videos and here is the result. Check the image below.

Recover lost videos from sd card

I could recover all the deleted videos as well from SD card.

Apart from this you can turn on USB storage for Android device and select Android storage drive in the software and run the scan. So, you can use it to recover photos ann videos from Android smartphone as well.

If you are looking to recover deleted Photos and Videos from iPhone or iOS device then follow this article – Recover Deleted WhatsApp messages, photos and more. Use the first software Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone mentioned in the post.

Another cool feature of Stellar Photo Recovery Software is that you can resume scanning of the selected drive at a later time. Suppose, the drive you are scanning is having capacity more than 500 GB then definitely it will take time. Now, if for some urgent reason you have to stop the scan and it’s already done with say 60% then it would be a shame and be frustrating as well to abort the scan.

To overcome such a situation Stellar Photo Recovery allows you to save your scan progress in the form of .DAT file which can be used to resume the recovery later from that point.

To resume recovery, click on Resume Recovery on the first screen and select the .DAT file saved above. Click on Scan and recovery will be resumed where you stopped it earlier.

Resume recovery of lost photos and videos

I wish that you too will be able to recover your priceless photos/pictures in which a lot of memories are captured like the way I recovered. Use the comments section in case of any queries. Share it with your friends and help them in getting back valuable memories 🙂

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