Wondershare Data Recovery Review: Recover Deleted Files in Windows

If you have accidentally lost important data on your PC then there you should worry no more. As with, Wondershare Data recovery software you can recover deleted files in Windows. We will share Wondershare Data recovery software review comprehensively and through the process, you will get to know how you can recover permanently deleted data from Recycle Bin.

Now without any more delay let us look at how to recover deleted data using the Wondershare software.

Recover Deleted Files In Windows

Firstly, you need to download the software. You can do so from their official website. It is available for both Windows and Mac. But here we are only focused on Windows.

They do have a free trial version which can be used to get the feel of how the software works before you actually go for a premium version.

After downloading and installing when you open the application, you will get the screen below.

Recover Deleted Files in Windows

There are overall 5 modes of data recovery offered by this software. The modes are divided into 2 screens. One is categorized as Wizard mode and the other is under Standard Mode which comprises of other 4 modes which we will discuss later. To use the Wizard mode click Next in the screen above.

1. Wizard mode – Personally, I loved this mode out of the 5. It works like bread and better recovering the most accurate files. This mode recovers the file with the complete folder structure and original file names which is quite helpful.

To start, select the type of file (Video, Image etc.) to be recovered and click Next.

recover deleted files windows

On the next screen, select the location/drive where you lost the file from. Click on Browse to set the location. After that, click Next.

restore deleted data windows

Next, I would recommend you to uncheck Enable Deep Scan and click Start.

recover permanently deleted files windows

The reason I suggest you disable Deep scan is that it will take a lot of time for the deep scan to detect lost files. Therefore, it makes sense to check if it can recover the desired files without the deep scan. The scan will take maximum 1 minute with Deep scan disabled.

If you didn’t get the file then you can Enable deep scan next time and try scanning again.

Finally, click on Recover and select the drive to recover the data. There is an option to recover selected files from the detected ones by unchecking the checkbox to the left of the files or from the left sidebar.

recover data from hard drive

It is recommended by the software to not select the location from where the data was lost. And, you will have the recovered files.

You can also try out other modes if Wizard mode didn’t work for you which is highly unlikely. To use the below modes select Standard Mode on the first screen.

1. Lost File Recovery – This mode can be used to restore deleted and formatted files from hard drive or removable media like a pen drive. It can recover files deleted from Recycle bin.

2. Partition Recovery – Restores files lost while partitioning of drives.

3. Raw File Recovery – This feature is used when Lost File Recovery cannot detect the deleted files even after the Deep scan. I faced the issue for a particular drive when this mode saved my life. However, the drawback of recovering data from this mode is that it doesn’t give original file names and folder structure like Wizard mode or Lost File recovery mode.

Have a look the name of files I got on recovering.

Wondershare Data Recovery review

4. Resume Recovery – This mode comes in handy in case of a large scan say for data more than 100 GB. In that case, you can pause the recovery in between and save the scan progress in a file(.res). The file can then be imported back using this mode to resume the recovery.

After the features and functionality, it is time for Pros and Cons.


1. User-friendly and self-explanatory options make it easy to use in the first attempt.

2. The variety of recovery modes gives plenty of options to the user and increases the probability of recovering lost data.

3. Well, documented options make the user aware of what the option is supposed to do and the differences among each other.

4. The speed is really fast when the Deep scan is disabled. Overall, the performance of the product is good. It was smooth while working on it.


1. The worst part is the Trial version. It doesn’t offer much. You can only recover 100 MB data using the free version. I seriously feel this can be lifted to 1-2 GB at least.

2. GUI  can be improved.

Final Verdict

There are a hell lot of options for Windows data recovery but I can say that Wondershare is one of the best I have tried and used till now. It really does the job!

With this, we come to the end of this review. Let us know if you could recover your lost files on Windows. Which software did you use?

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