How to recover deleted files from Pen Drive

If you have accidentally deleted files from your Pen Drive, no need to panic you have landed at the right place as this article will let you know how to recover deleted files from Pen Drive. Here, we will be using a software to recover deleted files from Pen Drive.

Recover Deleted Files From Pen Drive

To retrieve deleted files from Pen Drive, firstly you will have to install Pandora Recovery Software. To download Pandora Recovery Software click on the link given below :

Download Pandora Recovery Software

After you have finished downloading Pandora recovery software. Install it as you install other software’s. After installing the software launch the Pandora Recovery software. After opening the software follow the steps below :

  • Plug in the Pen Drive from which you want to recover the deleted file.
  • Go to Main screen of Pandora recovery software. Left hand side of the main screen will show the directory structure.
  • Select your Pen Drive in directory structure.
  • On selecting the Pen Drive, the box on right hand side will show the deleted files from Pen Drive as shown in the image.
Recover Deleted files from Pen Drive

Pen Drive with Deleted files Listed

  • Select the file you want to recover. Right Click on  the file and Select Recover To
  • On selecting Recover To a dialog box will open select the Path you want to recover the File to. It is recommended not to use the Pen Drive as the recovery path.
Recover Deleted File from Pen Drive

Recover Deleted File Dialog Box

  • Click on Recover Now after setting the path.

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After the recovery operation is complete you will have your deleted file from pen drive at the path specified by you. We hope that this helped you to retrieve deleted files from Pen Drive. Let us know if you are facing any problems while recovering the files by commenting.


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