How to Record Multiple Snaps At Once on Snapchat

How often does it happen that the 10 seconds video on Snapchat is not good enough? A lot, right? The option available in this case is to record multiple snaps and post them individually. This is quite inconvenient and more often than not we miss out on recording interesting parts if the moment is happening at that point in time. But if you update your app to the latest version you will get a useful feature which eradicates this limitation. With the latest update, it is possible to record multiple snaps at once.

Get the latest version of Snapchat version or later from the App Store or Play Store to enjoy the freedom of recording multiple videos at once.

Record Multiple Snaps At Once

1. Launch the app after updating it.

2. Hold down the Capture button to start recording the snap.

3. Until now everything remains same as before but to continue recording more snaps keep holding the Camera button. It is as simple as that.

4. The Camera screen will show you the thumbnail for each video once it has completed recording. You can release your finger from the capture button once you’re done. Please note that you can record up to 6 videos at once.

5. Once the recording is completed, tap on the thumbnail preview for each video to edit each one of them if desired. Add text, geo-filter, add multiple filters at once or draw as you would usually do.  Similarly, you can edit other videos after selecting their respective thumbnail.

Record Multiple snaps at once

6. After you are done with the editing post all the snaps to your story or send them privately at once by tapping on the right arrow button at the bottom right.

That’s all there is to it.

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A smart little feature introduced by Snapchat which makes it a lot easier to record multiple videos at once.

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