4 Reasons not to use Internet Explorer

Today TechUntold will unveil why you should not use Internet Explorer. The Internet Explorer is in use today also because of the reason it comes built in with Windows OS. With approximately 3 billion internet users the selection of browser is quite important to provide so here we are sharing the main 4 reasons not to use Internet Explorer.

4 Reasons not to use Internet Explorer


This you might have experienced by yourself. The internet explorer is very slow if you compare it with other browsers. The loading of the web pages takes more time and sometimes some of the scripts it is unable to download that is why the web pages also doesn’t appear properly in Internet Explorer. Not only the Internet Explorer, but Microsoft also is slow in fixing the Internet Explorer issues.


This is one of the problems with Internet Explorer. If you are browsing in Internet Explorer, it’s not safe for you. The Flash plug-in exists in Internet Explorer as ActiveX control. The ActiveX control is not safe due to the lack of security and is vulnerable to attacks. Better go for other browsers like Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and others for safety.

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You won’t find any automatic update features in Internet Explorer as you can find in other browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and others. And when there is need of updates for browser, you have to manually install the new version.


As Internet Explorer was used for so long, hackers attacks on it more to reach a large number of people. So better go for other browsers. The frequently attacked plug-ins are Adobe Reader & Flash Player. Moreover the IE 9 will not alert you if you are not running the latest plug-in, means more change of getting your system hacked by hackers.

UK & US Government warns “Don’t use internet explorer”

Because of the security flaw, UK & US security agencies warned its citizens to not use Internet Explorer until the vulnerability is fixed.

Better go for other free alternatives like Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Chrome and not use Internet Explorer for browsing. TechUntold gave you 4 reasons why not to use Internet Explorer and recommends you to use Mozilla Firefox as a web browser. Mozilla Firefox is safe and it keeps your all sessions secure and spyware free. Hope this article helped you.

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