This is how Bluetooth has got its name

In the 21st century, when you are pretty much connected with your friends and family with the help of wireless technology, the name “Bluetooth” is definitely quite familiar to you. With an easy access to, Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone, Bluetooth has already become a household name. But, have you ever wondered, how Bluetooth has got its name? Why it is Bluetooth and not something else? Is it something related to the color Blue or teeth?

Okay, maybe not all the digital technology got their name literally. There’s something more to it. And so has happened with Bluetooth, the most talked about technology in the age of wireless. As you take off and land, the air hostess reminds you to “disable the Bluetooth function on your electronic device”.

where did the name bluetooth come from

So, you can understand that there’s nothing really dental about the wireless connection, and the only thing blue is nothing but the icon. So, the question is how exactly the name Bluetooth get attached to the short-range wireless technology?

At TechUntold, we decided to dig out the facts along with a little bit of history and here we are.

Reason behind Bluetooth Name

bluetooth name origin

Let’s go back to 1966, when Jim Kardach, a leading name among the original designers of Bluetooth technology (as well as the device), suddenly coined the name.

According to Kardach, the name has emerged as an outcome of a long drawn conversation on “history” at a pub in Toronto, Canada. Jim said, Sven Mathesson, who is actually the tech designer of Ericsson ( and also his partner of that night) all of a sudden came up with the name of a Viking king, Harald “Bluetooth” Gormsson. The famous Viking emperor of the 10th century has earned all his fame for uniting the tribes from Denmark and Norway and eventually converted them to Christianity.

According to the historical sources, Harald supposedly has bad tooth or especially fond of blueberries. While that would explain his epithet “Bluetooth”, it still triggers question about the authenticity of this belief. However, it’s also found that Harald’s reign, from about 958 to 985, was remarkably marked by peaceful relations among erstwhile warring Scandinavian tribes. It’s well known that the peace of Scandinavia was actually attributed to Harald’s ability to mediate between hostile groups.

While naming this new wireless technology, Kardach took special interest in exploring the history and is intrigued by the awesome achievements of King Harald. On the eve of discussions among major tech companies about the proposed names for different wireless (radio) interfaces, he picked up the name Bluetooth as the most appropriate. Since then Bluetooth has been pretty familiar. While having a cultural mythology of exploration, the name Bluetooth can be effortlessly linked to a story of communication and peace.

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