Android users switching to iPhone at fastest pace ever

30% of iPhone buyers were Android users, Quarter 4 reports suggest. What is the reason behind record number of Android users switching to iPhone?

Android users switching to iPhone at fastest rate

During Apple’s quarterly conference call on Tuesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the company saw the highest ever rate of Android switchers in the last quarter contributing to 30% of iPhone buyers.

As we reported, Apple sold 48 million units of iPhone’s in the quarter which means that 14.4 million of them were sold to now ex-android users. The reports suggest that the 30% statistic does not include the first-time buyers but only the upgraders from the Android devices. These were the highest switch rates since Apple started tracking the stats three years ago.

Apple has always targeted its strongest rival platform and with the new “Move to iOS” app which was revealed at WWDC 2015 along with iOS 9 in June and has gone live since last month on the Google Play Store, it has never been easier to switch to the iPhone’s for the android users. The app seems to be strategically made live since the flagship iPhone’s just came into the market.

Move to iOS App allows android users to switch to iPhone
Move to iOS App

We have a very open field in front of us, Cook said pointing the next quarter.

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We are expecting a more significant increase in the switchers in the next quarter keeping in mind the current statistics and the upcoming holiday season. With the quarterly report suggesting a very significant increase for the fourth quarter an increase in switchers by 5-7 percent than the last quarter should be seen in the upcoming quarterly reports.

For the fourth quarter, Apple saw 120 percent increase in the Chinese sales and 48 million iPhone’s were sold overall. iOS is finally catching the eyes of the biggest competitor and Apple has a clear answer in the statistics.


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