How to read Facebook Messages without Being Seen on Messenger

Facebook Messenger, where people share millions of messages each day, has some cool features like tracking live location, secret conversations, and other tricks . But what if you want to disable the read receipts on Facebook Messenger? No, the feature to hide Facebook messages seen is not available on Messenger and a lot of users are looking for it. So for all those users, I am writing this article to tell you how to read Facebook messages without being seen on Messenger with a simple trick. Using our earlier article, you can also hide the read receipts of messages on Facebook website.

how to read facebook messages without being seen on messenger

The tweak(to read someone’s Facebook messages without them knowing) used in this article works for Android as well as for iPhone Facebook Messenger App. Also, you will not be required to use any third-party app to achieve the results.

Read Facebook Messages without Being Seen on Messenger

Before proceeding with the steps, make sure that your Facebook Messenger app is updated. The below procedure is same for iPhone as well as for Android devices.

1) Once you receive the message from someone which you want to read without letting them know and does not want them to see the read receipts, just turn off the internet without opening the message.

2) Now read the message you have received from your Facebook friend and do not turn on the internet.

3) Once you are done with the reading of the Facebook messages, kill the Facebook Messenger app. If you won’t kill the app, this method will not work and your friend will be able to see your read receipts.
To Kill Android App: From the bottom navigation, tap on the square icon and swipe left or right to kill Facebook Messenger.
To Kill iOS App: Double press on the home button, you will see background apps. Just swipe up to kill Messenger app.

This will let you read Facebook messages without other person knowing on Messenger as long as you want.

4) Next, turn on the internet on your phone. Do not worry, still, the read receipts for messages will remain hidden on Messenger.

Note: Even when you open the Facebook Messenger, your Facebook friend will not be able to see that you have read their message on Messenger. However, they will be able to see that you are “Active Now” but not yet read the message.

So this is how you can read anyone’s Facebook messages without notifying them on Messenger. Also, if you are a Kik user then you can achieve the same by following the trick mentioned in one of my Kik article. I hope you liked the tweak and easy to follow. Still, if you face any issues while achieving the same, do let me know via comments.


  1. How can I be on Facebook without my profile showing as active. Not messenger just regular Facebook I don’t want people to see when I’m online


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