How to React to Facebook Comments on Website and App

Last Updated: May 4, 2017

Facebook rolled out reactions to posts last year(2016). They introduced 6 reactions which were Like, Wow, Love, Sad, Anger and Haha. With these, users got the freedom to react to posts instead of just liking them. Of course, they made a lot of sense as not everything that you see on Facebook has to be liked. For example, when users posts about their accident, it doesn’t seem nice to like it. Now, the same is true for comments. If you were forced to like a comment even though it made you laugh like crazy then you no longer have to. As Facebook has rolled out the same six reactions for comments too. In this article, we quickly let you know how to react to Facebook comments on the website and Android or iOS app.

React to Comments on Facebook Website

1. Open Facebook website and log in using your credentials.

2. Go the post comments on which you wish to react.

3. Similar to reacting to a Facebook post you hover on the Like button below the post, hover the mouse cursor on Like button below the desired comment.

4. On hovering the six reaction options will appear. Select the desired one.

React to Facebook Comments on Website

That’s all there is to it. Similarly, you can react to other comments on the Facebook website.

React to Facebook Comments on Android or iPhone/iPad

1. Open the Facebook app and go to the desired comment.

2. Long press or hold down on the Like button below the comment.

3. You will see the six reactions. Tap on the desired reaction.

React to Facebook Comments on Android, iPhone/iPad App

With this, you have successfully reacted to a comment on Facebook using the app.

The total reactions count including likes will be shown for every comment. If you wish to see each reaction count then tap on that number. The next screen will have each reaction count and users listed.

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We hope that you will enjoy this new Facebook feature. Do you think reactions for Facebook comments is going to be useful for you? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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