QacQoc USB-C HUB Review: Multiport With Thunderbolt

We all know that we can connect multiple devices to our laptop for various purposes like data transfer, printing, charging etc. But what if the need to connect several devices at the same time arises? You may fall short of the number of ports on your laptop. Or even if you have a sufficient number of ports, yet you could need a hub because those ports could be too near to each other, thus making it clumsy and inconvenient to use all the ports at once while connecting multiple devices at once. Suppose you have all the USB ports in your laptop occupied and suddenly you want to connect to your external hard drive or your printer. To do so without plugging out the currently connected devices, you undoubtedly need a hub.

Today we have brought for you a multiport USB-C hub from QacQoc designed exclusively for new MacBook Pro 2016 and 2017 versions. Read on to get the QacQoc Multiport USB-C HUB Review in detail.

QacQoc Multiport USB-C HUB

Unpacking And First Look

QacQoc box

The hub comes contained in a close-packed cardboard box which has the company’s name and very few basic details about the model. Upon unboxing, we found the hub, which was adorably nestled inside the box with a handy brown-colored pouchy case. This was new for us as not many hubs come with a case, that too such fine one!

The color of the hub is somewhere a cross between aluminum and glossy silver. You can also try the other variant of the same hub in gray color. The edges were amazingly carved in a smooth and beveled fashion. The Hub’s body was reflecting light brilliantly, which further adds laurels to its attractiveness quotient. We would like to add that being furnished with an aluminum body enables this hub to dissipate heat into the environment efficiently, thereby protecting the hub from overheating.

In all honesty, this hub sports a beautifully polished body and looks every bit of a stunner along with its minimalistic but royal design.

QacQoc cover

What All Has The Hub Got?

1) 1 Thunderbolt 3 Port

QacQoc ports

This port gives you an unmatched data-transfer speed of up to 40 Gbps and a unique experience of up to 5K @ 60 Hz video. It also supports the fast charging feature as it provides more power to charge the device.

2) 1 HDMI Video Output Port

You can use this HDMI video output port to transmit your laptop’s display to any HDMI-enabled device.  As it supports 4K @ 30 Hz, the video output is both dazzling and appealing. This port is essentially useful when you want to watch your laptop’s contents on a smart TV or any projector.

3) 1 USB C Data Transfer Port

This USB C port has been designed exclusively for data-transfer. It, unlike the other “Thunderbolt 3 port”, doesn’t support charging. It offers you only up to 5 Gbps data-transfer speed between your MacBook Pro and other devices like phone, USB disk or hard-drive. This speed really seems infinitesimal as compared to that of the Thunderbolt 3 port.

4) 2 USB 3.0 Ports

These two USB 3.0 ports lie adjacently to one another.  Each of them provides you a speedy data-transfer speed of up to 5 Gbps. You can easily connect your hard-disk ( max 2 TB ), phone, Udisk, mouse, keyboard or other relevant devices to them.

5) 1 SD Card Reader And 1 TF Card Reader

The hub also comes equipped with one SD card reader and one TF card reader. Each of them supports a maximum size limit of 64 GB. These cards come into a great use when you want to easily transfer your photos from your mobile to your MacBook Pro, in order to view them in a larger size for a more detailed viewing-experience of your photos.

QacQoc front

What’s Worth Talking About This Hub?

In our opinion, the “Thunderbolt 3” port is definitely a head-turner feature of this sleek Hub. The versatility of this Hub speaks for itself. From quick charging to ultra-fast data transfer @ 40 Gbps and high-quality video support, this port does it all for you.


  1. Stylish exterior and polished body.
  2. Thunderbolt 3 port with unmatched speed.
  3. Aluminum alloy shell to prevent overheating.
  4. A fair number of ports to meet your day to day demands in an easy manner.
  5. Very compact, handy and portable.
  6. It is having 2 male USB C ports which fit easily to your MacBook Pro. One of them performs data operations only and the other one is exclusively for power delivery. This ensures minimal load on each port individually and hence less heating.


  1. Apple USB SuperDrive is not supported by the USB C adapter of this Hub.
  2. It can only read hard-drives up to 2 TB only. This could be problematic if you use hard-drives of greater size.

As you can observe, the pros clearly outnumber the cons pretty evidently.

Price And Availability

This stylish and premium Hub is available on Amazon at the discounted price of USD 89.99. Though, the price was originally USD 199.99 as quoted from the official website of QacQoc.

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Final Thoughts

We really think that this super cool Hub will positively be very useful to you. It surely augments and compliments your Apple device’s look. It has been specifically made for  MacBook Pro 13″ and 15″ and the targeted users will find that this Hub due to its awesome features, is definitely worth the money spent on buying it.


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