7 Product Hunt Alternative Sites To Submit Or Find Latest Tech

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Product Hunt is a great website to find about new technologies and apps in the software industry. Also, it is extensively used as a promotion platform by developers to boost their new apps, tools or startups. But only one platform cannot be enough in such a tough competition. So there’s no harm in trying other services as well. A wise man once said, “Never leave all your eggs in one basket”. So here are our best Product Hunt alternatives you can try.

Product Hunt Alternatives To Discover Or Submit Latest Tech Products

1. AlternativeTo

Alternativeto - best product hunt alternatives

This is a website that delivers you the replacement or alternatives of any app or website you are looking for. Just like Product Hunt lists the new tech, apps or websites, AlternativeTo works in a similar way. Users only have to enter the name of any app or tech and it will display a list of services that have a similar objective. In this way, not only you find new technologies, but also similar and sometimes better alternatives.

This website has many interesting sections. One of my favorites is Recently discontinued apps in which you can see all the apps that are not active anymore in Play Store or iTunes. Also, developers can list their apps here and if received a good response, can get featured on this website.


2. BetaPage


A simple yet perfect alternative to Product Hunt. BetaPage is a community for tech lovers and enthusiasts. This website is helpful for everyone with a passion for new technologies. Whether you are a tech lover, developer, designer, website or startup owner, BetaPage is for you.

As an end user, you can get real and genuine feedback of the apps and tech. Product developers or owners can easily submit their app or tool information to give it more eyes and popularity.

Also, you can subscribe to their newsletter so that you never miss any new update from their side. Though they don’t have the audience like Product Hunt still they are slowly getting there.


3. LaunchingNext


One of the best platforms to find new and innovative startups. This website gives a detailed information about the latest startups, so it can be beneficial for anyone who is looking for new ideas and a different mindset. Apart from that, this also serves as a great tool for startup owners as they can promote their services here only. Win-win for both the parties. There’s a dedicated button available for submitting a startup. Users can also look for the trending startups in the Trending tab.


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BetaList - Sites Like Product Hunt

Just like the site mentioned above, BetaList is a great website to find about the latest startups which are trending. Not only can you check out the latest news but also you can submit a startup and even post a job.

You can log in to their website using your Twitter handle. The user interface is better as compared to the other services. There’s a different section for trending startups and also for the previous ones too.  And you can find the latest ones according to the industry or market that you are searching for.


5. AngelList


Another great website to enquire and find out about new startups related to Tech. Here in AngelList, you can also find a job in the startups. And it also provides a platform for recruiters to post a job. Apart from all these features, investors can invest in the startups listed here of their own choice. Overall, it is a perfect way to get exposure and also for users to check out the trending startups.


6. KillerStartups


Probably the name gave it away. This website is designed for Startups related information. Here you can find an honest and detailed review about the startups which is always recommended before contacting them. This website also informs its users about the startup tools and guides along with featured Founders. And just like LaunchingNext, there is also a dedicated where owners can submit their startups for further promotional activities.


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7. FeedMyApp


This website focuses more on the latest apps and their reviews. If you want then you can easily search the app articles by entering the app name in the search bar. Apart from that, all the latest apps and their details are listed on the right side of the website. It follows a simple user interface which makes its loading speed faster in comparison to other websites. And if you have an app then you can promote it here by submitting your app details.


Final Words

I hope you found what you were looking for. All these websites are free and do not require any unnecessary signup details while registering. If you are looking for anything related to startups then you can try BetaList or else FeedMyApp for all the latest apps. Let us know if we missed any Product Hunt alternatives here in the comments section below.

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