After iOS now it’s Android users who are going berserk for Prisma

iPhone’s second biggest app had already taken over the Android. The developers of Prisma released the app on Android late this July when the entire world went crazy over this rare photo editing app. Prisma turns a person’s photo into amazing artworks by spending less energy on it. And now when it has been officially launched on the Google Play Store, you no longer need a beta invite and can directly download on your Android phone. The app was available in its beta form for the first five days.

Being the first ever app making your photos look like a painting or drawn artwork, the developers want to make most of the current momentum. But the problems some users have been facing can lower its demand. Prisma uses artificial intelligence to apply the filters and so, some users reported that it takes hours to load the filters or sometimes the filters won’t load at all. To keep its popularity high, the developers need to fix this issue. However, it is due to the artificial intelligence that it looks like the piece of art is created by some art aficionado and not a work of the simple algorithms.

Prisma debuted Android - effects

The Android version of Prisma has included all the features common to the iOS version. It has over 30 filters to give the users a real treat. One can either edit photos already existing in the phone gallery or simply click a completely new photo. The company is already planning to launch the video support soon enough. The co-founder of Prisma disclosed some interesting stats about its popularity and download history among the mass.

* Over 400 million photos are “prismed” by individuals.

* Prisma has been downloaded over 10.6 million times by the iOS users alone.

* The number of daily active users is 1.55 million.

* As the statistics suggest, 700k downloads of Prisma is done daily.

Prisma debuted Android - art

The developers also confirmed that they are soon going to take down least popular styles of Prisma and add some cool filters to it. Prisma has become the new face of editing in the recent time and the users are expecting some really interesting updates in the near future.


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