How to Open Camera with Last Used Filter Mode on iPhone/iPad

iOS 10 brought so many features to your iPhone. And it is becoming even more powerful with each minor iOS 10 update. In this article, we are going to share one really handy feature which was introduced in iOS 10.2. The feature is by the name of Preserve Camera Settings. As the name suggests it will help you to preserve the Camera mode and Photo Filter. This means that you can open Camera with last used filter or mode on iPhone/iPad by enabling this setting.

Preserve Camera Mode and Photo Filter on iPhone in iOS 10.2 and later

As you might have noticed on your iOS device that whenever you open the Camera app, it is opened with Photo mode and None filter. It is really a mundane task to first select the photo filter every time you open the Camera. What if you want to open the Camera app with your last used filter instead of no filter. Personally, I use Chrome effect a lot and it is pesky to select the Chrome filter every time after opening the Camera app.

With this new setting, it is possible to open the Camera with the last used Camera mode(Video/Square/Pano) or Photo Filter(Chrome/Transfer/Instant). Here’s how you can enable it.

Preserve Camera Settings on iPhone/iPad in iOS 10.2 and Later

1. Open Settings app and select Photos & Camera.

2. Next, select Preserve Settings under Camera in Photos & Camera settings.

Preserve Camera Settings on iPhone in iOS

3. Under Preserve Settings, toggle Camera Mode to ON.

Open Camera with Last Used Filter Mode on iPhone

4. If you wish to preserve the Photo Filter then under the same screen toggle it to ON.

Open Camera with Last Used Filter Mode on iPhone

Now, the next time you open Camera app on your iOS device, it will load with the mode or filter you were using previously.

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