How to post, like and comment as a Page on Facebook

If you are managing a Facebook page then you might want to post as a page on Facebook on several occasions. If you haven’t figured out the way to post as a page on another page’s posts or Timeline then you can follow this tutorial to achieve that.

Post as a page on Facebook

Post, Like and Comment as a Page on Facebook

Before proceeding ahead, please note that you can only post, like or Comment as a page only if you’re an admin, editor or moderator of that particular page.

If you are then the process is really simple and it is made easier than it was ever by Facebook. Have a look for yourself.

Post as a page on another Page in Facebook 

Comment or Like on Posts as a Page

1. Open Facebook Web on the browser and log in to your account.

2. Navigate to the Facebook page’s post you desire to like or comment on as your business page.

3.  Under the post, there will be your Profile picture shown at the bottom right. Click on it and all the pages managed by you will appear. Select the page with which you want to like and comment on other page’s post.

Like and comment as a page on another page posts Facebook

That’s it now if you like you like or comment on the post then it will be as your Facebook page.

Post on other Page’s Timeline as a Page on Facebook

1. To post as a page on another page’s timeline, open the desired Facebook page Timeline where you want to publish.

2. At the top section, where there is an option to post on Page, click on your Profile picture at the top right as shown below. All the Facebook pages you manage will be shown, select the one desired.

Post as Page on Facebook to another page Timeline

Now, when you post on another page’s timeline it will be published as the page you selected.

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We hope that this tutorial helped you to post as a Page on another Page’s timeline and posts on Facebook. Share it with your friends on Facebook if you found it helpful.


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