How to Post Landscape Photos on Instagram or Snapchat Stories

Last Updated: September 2, 2017

Did you just come back from your most amazing adventure of your life so far? And all you wish to do now is to share the pictures of your vacation with your followers on Instagram and Snapchat. To prevent your Instagram profile from getting cluttered you might want to upload a few photos via Stories. However, you might find out that if these photos are older than 24 hours then you cannot post them to Instagram Stories. You can easily get around that using the steps mentioned in this Instagram tutorial. Another issue you will face is the Landscape photos not fitting in the canvas area. We are here with this tutorial to help you with exactly this. Follow the easy and quick hacks mentioned here to post landscape photos on Instagram or Snapchat stories.

Initially, Instagram Stories didn’t have the option to upload photos or videos from Gallery or Camera Roll directly visible on the Camera screen. But recently they added it for users to conveniently spot it. As you can easily add photos from smartphone’s gallery it means that there are a lot of landscape photos you wish to share. But on trying to do that you see that they are zoomed in or not properly resized. Here’s how you can add them without any zooming issues.

Post Landscape Photos on Instagram or Snapchat Stories

The steps are largely the same for both Instagram and Snapchat but we have highlighted the slight differences. Moreover, this hack will not only work for photos in landscape mode but also for other images in portrait mode that doesn’t fit properly.

Method 1

You can use this method if you want the photo to be in landscape mode with the screen in portrait(vertical) mode.

  • Open the photo in smartphone’s gallery or Camera Roll and tap on it to hide any menu screen.
  • When you only the see image with black spaces on top and below the picture, take it’s screenshot.
  • Now, head over to Instagram or Snapchat and add this screenshotted photo to your story.

Voila, it will perfectly fit with a lot of empty spaces above and bottom of the photo. You can use it to add stickers, text etc.

Post Landscape Photos on Instagram or Snapchat Stories
Instagram and Snapchat Stories(Landscape Photos)

As I said earlier this will also work for photos in any other mode that are not fitting properly and are cropped or zoomed.

Method 2: Upload Landscape Photos on Instagram Stories

If you wish to post the landscape photo in landscape mode with full size then this one is for you.

Snapchat takes care of this automatically. You can try adding the original photo from the Camera Roll and it will fit it properly in the canvas by itself. For posting it on Instagram Stories follow the steps below.

  • Open the desired photo and tap on the Edit icon(3 lines) in the bottom row.

Edit photo in iOS

  • Now, tap on the rotate icon next to Cancel option.
  • Next, tap on the rotate icon at the bottom left just above Cancel. This will rotate the picture by 90°.
  • Tap on Done at the bottom right to save it.

Rotate photo in iPhone

  • For ideal viewing, go to the rotated image and hide any menu’s in the way. Then take it’s screenshot.

Go ahead and post this screenshot of rotated image to Instagram Stories and you will see exactly what you wished.

Upload Landscape Photos on Instagram Stories

We hope that you were able to properly upload Landscape mode photos on Instagram and Snapchat Stories. Don’t forget to share this article if you found it helpful.


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