How to Post From Instagram Website on PC/Mac and Mobile Browser

Last Updated: May 11, 2017

Instagram is an exceptional photo/video sharing social media platform. The reason why it has now more than 700 million active users. But nothing is perfect. Isn’t it? Even though Instagram recently allowed uploading of photos from their mobile website still the feature is not rolled out for desktop or laptop browser. But don’t get disappointed as there is a simple workaround which can help you to post from Instagram website on PC/Mac browser. Continue reading this article to learn the trick and upload photos on Instagram from PC without using any third party software.

Are one of those Instagrammers who upload pictures on Instagram that are taken from the professional camera? Then you must know the pain of first transferring the image to the PC/Mac from the Camera and then transferring the picture from computer to smartphone in order to post it. You no longer have to do that thanks to this hack.

Post From Instagram Website

On Smartphone

There is nothing much you have to do here as the feature to post photos is launched officially for the mobile website.

Simply visit on your Android smartphone and log in to your account. You should see a Camera icon at the bottom where other icons are present. Tap on it to post a photo from the Instagram website on mobile.

Post from Instagram mobile website

On PC/Mac

Although the feature to post photos from the desktop website is not yet launched, it is possible to make it work. Here’s how.

Chrome browser’s Developer tools option can help you to do that easily.

1. Open Instagram website on your computer’s browser.

2. Now open developer tools window on Chrome. In order to open it, you can either right-click anywhere on the web page and select Inspect. Or click on 3 dots at the top right > select More tools > click on Developer tools.

3. Developer tools window has an option which helps developers to view the website’s mobile/tablet version. This helps them to test the responsiveness of the website quickly. And it is exactly what we are going to use to our advantage. Click on the multiple device icon to the left of Elements tab. Refer to the image below for clear understanding.

4. This will load the Instagram website mobile version on Chrome. Hence you will see the Camera icon at the bottom for uploading pictures.

Post from Instagram website on desktop browser

That’s all there is to it. Please note that it is not yet possible to upload videos from the website.

Apart from this, you can also view stories on the Instagram website.

We hope that this tweak will help you to post from Instagram website on the desktop browser. Please share the article on social media to help others in uploading pictures from the computer.


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