How to Post GIF on Facebook

GIF’s are a great way to communicate on social media apart from Photos and videos. At times, GIF’s are better than videos to get your message through or engage your friends/followers. GIF(Graphics Interchange Format) is a set of multiple images in one file making it animated. In the past, we shared how you can share GIF on WhatsApp and post GIF on Instagram. And in this tutorial, we will let you know how to upload or post GIF on Facebook, the social media giant.

How to Post GIF on Facebook

If you are here reading this then it is safe to assume that you tried to upload GIF on Facebook like you upload a photo/video. Yikes, after hitting that Post button you see that your GIF is not animated and sits there as a normal image. Well, it is because Facebook doesn’t allow or supports uploading GIF directly. But you can use the method mentioned below to share GIF on Facebook.

Post GIF on Facebook

If you have your own GIF on your computer/PC and wish to upload it on Facebook then you cannot directly upload it as you might have found out.

GIF can only be posted via links on Facebook. So, in order to get a link to your GIF, you will have to first upload it somewhere on a server. Now, you don’t need to purchase a server for this task. You can make use of file hosting services like Google Drive or Dropbox.

In this example, I am going to share steps and procedure for Google Drive. But once you know this you can easily follow the same method for other file storing services with slight changes.

1. Upload GIF on Facebook From Computer

a. Open Google Drive and sign in using your Gmail account.

b. Upload your GIF there by using the New File Upload option. Make sure you turn on link sharing for the GIF file. This means anyone with the link can view the file.

c. After the file is uploaded, double-click to open it. Once it opens, click on the three vertical dots at the top right corner and select Open in new Window.

d. Now, in the new Window, right click on the GIF and select Copy image address if you are using Chrome. On Firefox the option will be by the name of Copy Image Location. On other browsers, the same option will have different names but you should be able to make out easily which one gives the URL of the GIF.

Upload GIF on Facebook

Alternatively, you can also right click and select the Open image in new tab and copy the image URL from the address bar.

e. After you have copied the URL of the GIF, head over to Facebook. Go to your profile, page or group you wish to post the GIF. You can either use Ctrl+v on keyboard or right click on the status box and select Paste.

This will paste the GIF URL and it will be loaded in the preview. Once you have the preview you can either keep the GIF URL or remove it. It is up to you.

Finally, hit the Publish/Post button.

Post GIF on Facebook

Your GIF will be there.

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2. Post GIF on Facebook from other Websites

If you want to publish a GIF you like on other websites then simply right click on the GIF and select Copy Image Location(Firefox) or Copy image address(Chrome).

Post GIF on Facebook from other Website

Alternatively, you can also view the GIF and copy its URL from the address bar.

After copying the GIF URL, go to your Facebook profile, page or group where you wish to post the GIF. Paste the GIF address in the status box using Ctrl+v or by right clicking and selecting paste.

Once you get the GIF preview, you can either keep the URL in the status/post or remove it as desired.

Finally, click on Post/Publish to share GIF with your friends/followers on Facebook.

These are the two easy ways you can publish or post GIF on Facebook. If you think that the article adds value then please share it on social media.


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