Pokemon Go major update: Editing Avatar, removed screen dimming & footprints

After being a huge hit and creating a lot of chaos, the major update of Pokemon Go is released. Apart from bug fixes, major changes are introduced in the latest update. This major update might make tough for the users to find actual Pokemon. The update is released for both Android & iOS and you can update your app to version 1.1.0 on iOS & 0.31.0 on Android.

The major addition to the latest app update is that the user can now edit their avatar’s anytime whereas before this update it was done at the time of new account creation. You can edit it by navigating to the Trainer profile screen having a customize option. Few different colors are added on items like hat, shirt & backpack.

pokemon go major update - avatar

Apart from avatar customization there are other changes which makes the app more user friendly. Now there is no need to do long scroll to the bottom of the screen as you can find the “Transfer” option under the menu button on right when inspecting a Pokemon.

Apart from avatar customization addition, few thing have been removed from the app. Footprints removal, as displaying footprints has been removed from “nearby” feature on the map screen. This change is made to let the players know how close they were getting a Pokemon with the shrinking number of steps. As footprints were helpful for the users to find Pokemon, now they need to find some other way.

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The battery saver feature is also removed that was available on the main setting screen. It is not disclosed by the Niantic team that when both the features, battery saver and footprints will again be available to the users.

Other fixes include memory optimization, improved visualization & animation tweaks which make overall  app  much more smooth and easy to use. Hope to see footprints feature back to the app soon.


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