Pocket Alternatives: 7 Best Bookmark Managers

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To be honest, Pocket is a decent tool for bookmarking any links including videos, articles, recipes and many more. But it has its limitations and fewer features which reduces its effectiveness in terms of better reading experience. And, how would you know that there is any other better service than Pocket if you haven’t tried any other apps? So, check out these best Pocket alternatives for Android, iOS and web that can replace your usual way of saving bookmarks.

Apps Like Pocket To Save Articles And Read Them Later

1. Instapaper

Best App like pocket - Instapaper

All you have to do is create an account and then easily save anything for reading it later. And anything means, it can save videos, songs, articles, blog posts, and whatnot. All the material that you are saving will be automatically synced to your Instapaper account so that you can view those articles later in any device.

Apart from saving, users can also mark the important text by highlighting it. This highlighted text can also be fetched and viewed in the Notes tab separately. But you will be allowed to save only 5 notes for free. After that, you can upgrade to premium services for more saves. And you can also visit the posts that you have liked earlier in the Liked tab. Coming to better reading experience, Instapaper allows you to change the font, attach notes in the article itself, and finding the meaning of any word in the Wiktionary in the app itself instead of searching on the web. All these features certainly lack in Pocket making it a perfect Pocket alternative.

Check out Instapaper for Android, iOS & Chrome Addon

2. Pinboard


This is a very simple, clean, fast and ad-free website that lets you bookmark anything from the browser. And what makes it unique is the feature called Privacy lock. Using this lock, all your bookmarks will remain private which is not possible in Pocket. You can even use this website to link to your Twitter accounts or sync data with Instapaper.

And talking about limitations, you won’t be able to use this website for free; not even a free trial. The starting plan stands at $11 for a year for signing up, which you can later upgrade to an even better plan accordingly.

Check out Pinboard on Web, Android & iOS

3. Google Bookmarks

Google Bookmarks

We were not going to miss Google on this list by any means. Google Bookmarks is a chrome extension for your browsers that can be used easily by dragging and dropping the desired content to the Bookmarks bar. There’s a high chance that you might be using this open source pocket alternative already.

It does everything that you would expect from a bookmark tool. Saving websites through Google Bookmarks is probably the easiest method that only involves clicking on the star icon in the address bar. And these bookmarks will be automatically synced to any device once you sign in with your Chrome or Google ID. You can arrange these bookmarks on the basis of folders which can be shared with others.

Check Google Bookmarks on Web

4. Diigo

Diigo - pocket alternatives

Users can easily save the websites which they want to, using Diigo’s services. And it allows arranging these bookmarks by attaching a tag to it just like Pocket so that you can easily filter them out later on.

With the help of this tool, you can highlight text on any web page and even add text and comments on the web pages directly through Diigo. There is also a premium feature in which you can completely save the web page rather than saving the link.

Check Diigo out for Chrome, Android & iOS

5. Refind


You can sign up either using your Twitter or the Facebook account to use the services of Refind. Once logged in, you can begin exploring the home section in which, the app automatically suggests trending articles on social media. You can also pick your favorites so that you only see what you want.

Just beside the home section, there is also a saved tab. In this tab, you can save pages & articles and all these bookmarks will be private. And the links that you haven’t checked out or read, those will be moved to someday folder which is not available in Pocket. Apart from all these features, Refind is free and can be accessed from all the devices.

Check out Refind for Android, iOS, & Chrome

6. EverSync


When it comes to the user interface, Eversync has definitely the upper hand over other competitors mentioned in this list. You can use this tool to sync all of your bookmarks in every device that you use including laptops, mobiles or any browser. And the synchronization is HTTPS secure which is always good to have.

Eversync also has the trash section from which you can easily recover your mistakenly removed bookmarks which sets it different from rest of the services. Apart from these features, your bookmarks will be private just like some of the apps and websites which we talked about.

Check Eversync out for  Chrome, Android & iOS

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7. Start.me


This is a really impressive website to save all of your online recipes, articles, and many more. It provides a customizable dashboard to keep all your links organized. Earlier, it used to be a premium website but now it is free to register.

Not only the users can use this website to save their links, but also to explore some of the trending posts. Using Start.me you can also monitor the keywords that any company or your rivals are using by integrating Google Alerts. Coming to availability, the website’s extension is provided for some of the well-known browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Opera Mini.

Check Start.me out on Web, Chrome & FireFox

Final Words

So, these were my picks for the best Pocket alternatives. Most of these services can be easily synced across all of the devices so that you don’t face any issue using them. Google bookmarks and Instapaper are both easily my favorites which you can give a shot. Which tool do you use for bookmarking? Let us know through the comments.

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