Top 6 Plex Alternatives For Media Streaming

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Plex, a wonderful app to carry your personal media with yourself. With Plex, you can stream all the music, videos and movies on your PC or desktop directly from your smartphones or tablets. Not only this, you can even download the media to your device and use it offline whenever you want. Even you can connect it to TV or other multimedia devices via webcast to watch content. You can also watch other online and web content with Plex.

Though it is a great application, the setup requires much time and is a little bit complicated to understand at first. And many times the app crashes instead of playing the media. But I wondered if there are any apps like Plex that can provide the same service with different features. So let’s have a look at the best Plex alternatives for streaming your personal media content to multiple platforms.

Plex Alternatives

1. Emby


Emby is another app just like Plex which allows you to keep your media files like photos, audios, and videos together. You can stream the files from your desktops directly to other devices. Similar to Plex, you will need to install the server application on your desktop and login to both your device and the application using the same account. After that, you can add all the required media files and folders which will be synced to all the devices and you can watch them anytime or anyplace you like.

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2. Kodi

plex alternatives - Kodi

Kodi is one of the best Plex alternatives that will let you stream your media contents and files on multiple platforms. All you have to do is add your desired media files to Kodi sever application from your device or desktop. For this, you will need to download Kodi Krypton on your PC. Then you can access it through your Android devices anytime. And it is really easy to set up and add the media content to the server compared to Plex. But exploring it can be a little difficult especially for the new users. You can use the additional add-ons to add various streaming service or websites from the given ones.

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3. Subsonic Music Streamer

Subsonic Music Streamer

Subsonic Music Streamer will also let you stream your personal media files from your PC to almost any platform, whether it be another desktop or smartphone. You can even use a regular browser to stream the content from the subsonic library that you created. Just like every other application, you will need to install the Subsonic server app. Through this, you will be able to access the content on your desktop from other platforms online.

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4. Ampache

plex alternatives - ampache

Yet another Plex alternative on the list which will allow you to stream your music and audios no matter where you are. With Ampache, you can save your songs on the web and then access them from other desktop browsers. You will need to add all the music files to the desktop application manager and then create a server so that it can be accessed from a browser when required. Installing this application can be a little bit confusing, but it surely will let you carry your music anywhere with just an internet connection.

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5. Stremio


While comparing it with other streaming services here in the list, the UI of this app is really simple and very easy to use. All you have to do is install the Stremio application on your desktop and sign up. Once logged in it will show all the local files, music and video on the dashboard of the application. You can add other local files in the library that you want to access from other devices.

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6. Serviio

Serviio - plex alternatives

Serviio is a free online media server with help of which you can access all your music and videos from multiple devices or platforms. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Once Serviio application is installed you are ready to add the media content form your system or online that you wish to stream in Serviio Console. Just create a server using the application and then access your files using that server.

For allowing remote access from browsers you will need to set up the password in the application. Later you can access all the media from Serviio’s Mediabrowser localhost using the password. Though the streaming is only for DLNA devices connected via the same network, you can upgrade to premium version to stream it on other devices and networks.

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Final Words

Though Plex is best in its place you can still check out these alternatives. They all can be used in multiple platforms like smart TV, Chromecast and even in some of the smartphones and gaming consoles. From the list my pick will be Emby and Kodi as they both are available for all the platforms and using them is really easy compared to the other services.

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