Amazing Feature Lets You Play WhatsApp Audio Messages Discreetly

With over a billion users, WhatsApp sits on the top with a handsome margin when anyone talks about instant messaging apps. WhatsApp secret to achieving success and huge acceptance from the users is mainly because of the frequent updates at the right time. WhatsApp is improving with every update and in this article, I am going to share a feature which was rolled out in one such update. Using the feature you can play WhatsApp audio messages discreetly. I am sure that majority of WhatsApp users are not aware of it and you will be thrilled after knowing about it.

Listen to WhatsApp Audio Messages Discreetly

Play WhatsApp Voice Messages Discreetly

WhatsApp audio messaging makes chatting so much fun and if you are one of those users who love exchanging voice messages on WhatsApp then you are going to love this feature.

How many times have you been a victim of playing funny voice messages on a train, metro, airplane, classroom or any place surrounded by others? This is embarrassing at times and irritating for the others and I can totally relate to it.

Now, there is an obvious solution to this that you can use your earphones and then play the audio message but that is too much of work when you have the following feature.

1. Open WhatsApp.

2. Play the desired audio message.

3. Now, quickly bring the phone near your ear as if you are on a call.

Play WhatsApp Voice Messages discreetly

Now, see the magic. There will be a little pause and then the audio will start playing automatically after lowering the voice and will be played only in your ears. If the sound is still louder for you then you can use the volume buttons to adjust it.

You can listen to the WhatsApp audio message discreetly without disturbing anyone and it looks like you are on a call to others.

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Such a thoughtful feature! I loved it and expect that you will enjoy it too. If you found it amazing then do spread the word about this useful WhatsApp feature by sharing this article on social media.

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