Play music and Charge Cell Phone Without Charger

You might heard of various battery saving apps for Android, iOS or Windows Smartphones, but now such a technology is coming up that will charge your phone without the need of a charger. The future phones will soon going to have a good battery backup and will be able to charge itself to an extent. Now re-usability concepts is coming up, where the cell phone power will be used to generate power for itself.

Yes, soon it’s going to be possible to charge your phone from the music you are playing on your phone, especially from the high pitched tones of pop music or from the dinner conversation or other environmental sounds that generates vibration. These vibrations will be used to generate enough electricity to charge your phone.

Technology Used to Charge Cell Phone Without Charger

A prototype panel has been created by the scientists of Queen Mary University of London to charge mobile phones using the environmental vibrations. The device that will use these vibrations and will generate electricity from vibrations is called “nanogenerator”. This device is made of plastic with a sheet of tiny zinc oxide rods. It generates electricity when the rods are squashed or expanded using the surrounding vibrations.

This research work is going in partnership with Nokia. The researchers are claiming that the device will be able to generate 5 volts of electricity same as phone chargers to charge cell phones. They also told that the production cost of the sheets used inside the nanogenerator device is cheap, so it won’t make any difference in the overall cost of mobile phones.

Soon you will be able charge cell phone without charger also as you will be having an alternative power source for your cell phone to charge. Not only from the music, the devices uses traffic, voices and many other vibration sources to generate electricity.

Lets see how long we have to wait for this technology to have in our cellphones.


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