Top 7 Pingdom Alternatives For Website Monitoring

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Pingdom is a great monitoring service for the websites. It monitors and measures everything from uptime, downtime, issues, error, performance, and visitors for your website. But there are many problems which you can face while using Pingdom like extra reports, too pricey, historical reports only up to 6 years and in the end, it is not so useful for a personal website or blogs. So here we are with some of the best Pingdom alternatives that have some additional features and are free or cheaper.

Best Alternative Sites Like Pingdom Which You Can Try

1. StatusCake


This is a great website providing plenty of features for monitoring website uptime and performance. It offers to check website’s availability automatically through many protocols like HTTP/HTTPS, TCS, DNS, and many more. Users can also check server’s performance and also get notified whenever disk or usage is about to exceed the limit.

With StatusCake, you will get global test locations and various reporting tools also. You can also renew your SSL certificate through this website. And coming to pricing, StatusCake lets you use it for free for 10 uptime tests for which Pingdom costs around $11.95.


2. Site Monitoring

Site Monitoring

This is a free open source software specifically designed for monitoring websites. The best part about this software is that it is platform independent. Users have the option to use this software to check a single webpage or even multiple pages and the complete website. You can use this tool to find any broken links on your website. Along with all these features, you also get statistics and email notifications. The website provides all the latest updates to this software so make sure to download it from there only.

Site Monitoring On SourceForge

3. Uptime Robot

Pingdom alternatives - Uptime Robot

It has many big users like Mini Cooper, Fandango, Staples, Expedia, and so many more. You can check and monitor multiple pages, pings, ports, and keywords. Users can also enroll for alert notifications through which they will be notified via text, email, Twitter, and Telegram. And like all the websites mentioned here, users can easily check downtime and uptime of their website. You can even share your performance or stats with your teammates and visitors through Uptime Robot. The pricing is comparatively cheaper to Pingdom because of free plan and the pro plan only for $4.5/month.

Uptime Robot

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4. Site24x7

Sites like Pingdom - Site24x7

The users can check out this website’s features by enrolling in 30 days free trial period before investing fully. Out of all the services mentioned here, this one has the professional look to it. Site24x7 provides a ton of features like Website monitoring, server monitoring, Application monitoring, network monitoring, and real users monitoring.

They also have some huge companies as clients like Harley Davidson, Honda, GoDaddy and so many more. Definitely one of the best Pingdom alternatives. Starter plan in this website starts at $9/month which is slightly less than that of Pingdom.



This service controls your website’s performance, availability, uptime, downtime, and response time. It also provides you the feature which will notify you regarding any downtime issue. You can even search for content through this platform. And not only this, but it also monitors servers and other essential data. You can initially use this website for free and can even book a demo slot for better understanding. Feel free to experiment with its other features like analyzing laptop’s performance and battery, CPU usage and so on. And it is free for the first 50 URLs.

6. Uptrends


This is a perfectly affordable and reliable alternative to Pingdom. Uptrends will capture and provide the data and metrics report to you for a better online business. That will include location-based insights and every minute detail. Whenever there is a downtime, you will be notified through email and text, a detailed email report, simple data report, and snapshots. This platform will monitor your website 24*7 and will alert you in case any issue arises.


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7. RapidSpike


With an abundance of features, this is also a great website like Pingdom. Let me name some of them here like Real-time user monitoring, intelligent page monitor, API, uptime monitoring, vulnerability scanner, port scanning, malicious user detection, Google safe browsing, SSL certificate and redirect monitor.

They also have advanced features like advanced alters, public status pages and TV mode. Cleary when we talk about features and functionality, RapidStrike has the upper hand because of which the pricing is a bit high. Apart from website monitoring, it also has other functionalities as well like,  Google Analytics, SEO stats, and Alexa Traffic Rank.


Final Words

Out of all the best Pingdom alternatives mentioned here, RapidSpike is surely my favorite because of all the features they are providing. And StatusCake is also another perfect option. Which one is your favorite? Let us know below.

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