Pigeons will tell London’s air condition

Note: None of the pigeons have been hurt while carrying out the study.

The world of data science has been booming up from the past decade when there has been an increase in the much required analysis of data for tacking the problems in the entire world. From predicting the US elections winner to classification of student’s drinking habits, data science and particularly data scientists are not letting anything slip away from their hands that can help the present world a better place to live in.main

Taking this into account, several pigeons have decided to take charge for controlling the air pollution in London. Well, not literally. For the three days that started yesterday, the clever creatures have been working with researchers at Plume Labs to help Londoners learn about their condition of air ranging from ‘moderate’ to ‘extreme’. The step was taken to help London fight against the increasing pollution making it one of the most polluted cities in the world.

pigeon with the jacket
pigeon with the jacket

The entire process is going to be carried out over three days and has been called PigeonOnAirPatrol. The website for the same tells us about the current position of the ten pigeons that are flying in the shift, carrying out data and displaying results. It sounds like a lot less of data but is sufficient enough to tell you about the pollution in your area (in London) when you tweet the name of your area to @PigeonAir.

the jackets
the jackets
air pollution monitoring pigeons - realtime tracking and mapping
realtime tracking and mapping

The 25-gram cute backpacked sensors monitor the levels of Nitrogen Dioxide, Ozone and volatile compounds in real time. According to 2014 World Health Organization report, nearly 7 million people die because of the air pollution, globally and about 9,500 people in the English capital of London die prematurely due to the horrendous condition of air they breathe on a long-term basis. The patrol is aiming to boost a larger campaign to recruit 100 people living in London to carry out the pollution monitoring task on their own. Plume Labs still need to raise money for this campaign to be successful. This 3-day event seems like a dry run of their product which is already impressive.

The pigeons are not harmed in any way and are under the good hands of the HR team at Plume Labs with veterinarians on hand to double check if they are safe and sound. So, if you happen to be a member of PETA, you can sleep in peace.

Here’s a little video:


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