Patent for one-shot panorama granted to Apple

Apple is calling it the “Super Resolution” mode which is going to enable the users of the future iPhones to capture a panorama shot with just a single tap. The company has been granted a patent filed back in 2012 that will enable the feature in the later flagships. Though the feature will be highly based on the current technology but it will eliminate you to keep your phone steady and move around.

Apple Inc. has always been in news for subtle innovations and revolutionary ideas to employ in its products particularly in iPhone to facilitate reinvention of technologies. This granted patent will enable another breakthrough in the company’s camera department.

The mechanism is simple to understand. Thought the camera will still take multiple photos and will end up stitching them together to form the panoramic shot in the Super Resolution mode but with a change that the camera will now be using Optical Image Stabilization to allow the user to do all the above work from taking photos to stitching them through a single tap on the capture button in the Camera app. What OIS does at present is to eliminate any shaky hand movements by shifting the image. This patent describes the usage of the same motor mechanism to shift the image to left or right and stitch them together.

Patent for one-shot panorama - Apple

The patent also details on how the users will be enabling the feature in the Camera app telling about a toggle switch just like how users turn HDR on/off. The patent is too old to specify the toggle mechanism but we can rely on this simple approach. While some people are suggesting that the patent could be just for tiny shifts that will allow the camera to fill in the missing details between the successive pixels, the technology may prove really handy in the real life scenarios.

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Although the feature seems really impressive to implement in the upcoming iPhone but we should not forget that Apple implements only a selected inventions from its library of patents. We assume that the next flagship will be kept away from this technology.


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