FamilyTime Review: Parental Control App for Android and iOS

The advent of the digital world has changed the face of parenting as well. Who knew parents would be able to pull all the parenting duties with a smartphone. Since our lives have become very much digital, it is the need of the day to take care of our kids digitally. Parental control apps do just that. I used many apps to know how digital parenting works. Today, I am going to review FamilyTime parental control app which impressed me a great deal.

familytime review parental control app

Parental Control App

First thing first, it is a parenting app that gives you control over your child’s online activity. By “control” most parents understand spying, but that is not the case. It has two versions; parent app and child app. The parent app goes by the name of FamilyTime Dashboard.

Both apps are installed on the respective phones. This means parents have to talk to their children about it first. I think it is very ethical as kids will never appreciate their parents spying on them. Besides, they should also know about the importance of parental surveillance.

FamilyTime – Controlling and monitoring features

The three main features are:

Limit Screen time

It allows you to manage the screen time of your kids by putting screen locks. These locks restrict your kids’ access to their devices for the indicated time intervals. There are predefined rules for Homework, Bed and Dinner time. You can also make customized rules according to your choice. The app handles the locking and unlocking of their devices automatically.

Parental Control App

App Blocker

A very handy feature is the app blocker. It is used to block any unwanted apps from their devices. If you find your kids using poor apps or addictive games, you can simply restrict their use. Time-based app blocking is also available but only on IOS, however, it is constantly updating its features.

parental control app for iphone


You can track your kids’ location and create virtual fences around places. By doing this you can get in and out notification of those places and stay posted all the time. Other than that your kids can send you panic alerts and pick-me-up alerts as well.

app for parental control

Other features

Apart from that, you can also keep a constant check on their:

  1. Calls
  2. Contacts
  3. Text messages
  4. Internet history
  6. Blacklisted apps
  7. Watchlist contacts
  8. Driving speeds

Now, let’s get to Pros and Cons.


  1. User friendliness: It’s easy to operate dashboard is usable for both non-tech and tech savvy parents and kids.
  2. Compatibility: It works quite well on different versions of Android smartphones and iPhone.


  1. It isn’t available for Windows.

Here are some great tracking devices for kids which you should find useful to protect kids.

My FamilyTime review is all about the basics. You can get full details from its official website. It’s an all-in-one app which gives excellent control and facility. I give it 4.5 stars for its compatibility and multipurpose features. It is practical and feasible. If you want to experience digital parenting hands-on and secure your kids, this is what you need.


  1. Hi Hemant Mendiratta,
    Thanks for the great review.
    I would say the FamilyTime App is useful for parents to monitor their children behavior on their smartphone.
    I guess the blocking feature is what the kids do not like the most, but parents like it so much as they can block all the harmful apps.

  2. Hi Hemant, Thank you so much for this very useful review. Would you say it us the best parental control app in the market? My main interest was looking for the best app to control screen time. Thanks, Beth


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