ORICO Aluminum Type-C Hub (RCC2A) With Card Reader

USB Type-C was introduced in 2014 and it is seen as a great replacement to existing USB ports. USB-C is not only reversible but also offers higher transfer speeds up to 10 Gbps. Being symmetrical the worries of getting the right end to the correct device are put to rest with USB-C. With the likes of USB-C taking over USB-A and USB-B on a few laptops if not all there comes a requirement of Type-C Hub because of the following reasons.

  • Not all devices like smartphones/laptops have USB-C port. So, how do you connect them?
  • To connect multiple devices at once you definitely need more ports. One Type-C port on your PC/Mac cannot connect multiple devices at one point of time.

So, here we are with a review of Type-C Hub from ORICO. Read on to know about it’s specifications, features and everything it has to offer.

ORICO Aluminum Type-C Hub Review

ORICO Hub has the following external ports which can be used to connect other devices.

External Ports

ORICO Aluminum Type-C Hub Review

  • 2 USB-A ports
  • 1 USB Type-C port

Apart from that it also offers card reader support.

  • 1 TF Card
  • 1 SD Card

So, using this Type-C hub you can connect 2 devices having the old USB connection and 1 with Type-C at once.

It has one input Type-C port.

Two Way PD Function

One of its amazing abilities is to deliver power both ways. When ORICO Type-C Hub is connected to power/adapter then it can charge the laptop. Also, it supports laptop to charge smartphone when connected via ORICO Type-C Hub.


The data transfer rate is up to 5 Gbps.

Now, let’s dive into its physical qualities.


It is made of Aluminium and is available in 3 colors being Gray, Gold and Silver. Overall the design is good with sleek edges. The Hub is portable and is comfortable to carry anywhere with your laptop.

It is time for pros and cons.


1. Using it is a piece of cake. Just plug and play.

2. It supports the mainly used OS(Windows, Linux, macOS)

3. Highly portable.


The input data cable is a bit short(15 cm) for my liking. Keeping it a bit longer would have been more convenient while connecting devices.


Its original cost is USD 50.00 but at the time of writing, they are offering a 40% discount on Amazon.

Buy on Amazon

Final Thoughts

If you have a laptop with USB-C then ORICO Aluminum Type-C Hub with card readerĀ should be one of the most important accessories you should get. It not only converts one USB-C port on your PC to multiple ports but also allows you to connect the devices still having the older ports to your laptop.

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