Oracle all set to open a Technology Hub in Bengaluru

Cloud technology is making substantial roars over the past few years. Following this trend, Oracle, the leading tech guys have unveiled the ‘Oracle Cloud at Customer’, just before the Oracle Cloud World Summit of Mumbai. According to Oracle, this is the first ever service of its kind, in India that ensures an efficient function of the cloud platform right inside the customers’ data centers.

So far, the organizations have faced severe challenges during the transition to the cloud platform. Oracle’s latest invention will be supposedly easing off such kind of challenges. This new technology is slated to be operated on the premises as well as behind the client’s firewall, so that the chief information officers (CIOs) can seamlessly move the critical business applications from on-premise data centers to the cloud platform.

oracle opening technology hub in bengaluru-min

However, the new technology has invited quite a good deal of criticisms. Most importantly, many business organizations are unwilling to move their enterprise workloads to the public cloud, mostly due to security reasons. In many cases, there are the constraints of business and regulatory requirements. As of now, the regulatory constraints are prevalent in the industries like, government administration, telecommunications, financial services and insurance (BFSI) and banking.

According to a chief official of Oracle Mr. Price, “With today’s launch, the company addresses these challenges so that organizations across industries can reap the performance, cost and innovation benefits of Oracle Public Cloud and run it wherever they want with Oracle technology, in their own datacenters.”

However, the managing director Mr. Shailender Kumar, has a different story to tell. He said that those who are bound by the regulatory guidelines can now leverage the cloud of the new technology and can effortlessly accentuate the process of business transformation. To supervise the seamless process, Oracle Cloud at Customer supports offers top-notch control over data. The result is excellent facility of “data sovereignty and data residency requirements”.

Following Modi’s Digital India initiative, the new technology of Oracle seems to offer vast opportunity in creating digital services in India. Just because India has the highest percentage of youth under the age of 30, this is the perfect place to invest. They believe that soon India will be the leader of the global cloud service.

Shawn Price has mentioned in this connection that Oracle is gearing up for a $400 million investment for setting up a technology hub in Bengaluru. Alongside, the company will open nine incubation centers to offer support to the tech startups in India.


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