3 Ways To Open DMG In Windows

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Have you ever come across a file with a .dmg extension? Then you might have a problem in opening it on your Windows PC. That said, it’s not difficult and once you know the method it is going to be a cakewalk for you while accessing it. In this article, we have mentioned the methods using which you can open or access any DMG files on your Windows PC. Not only this you can even convert them to ISO files. So let’s begin.

What Is DMG?

Before jumping to the methods, some of you might think what DMG is? Well DMG or you can say Disk Image is a file format used by Apple on its Mac to run or install any software or program. It is the compressed version of the image of the files or any setup that is mostly executable only on Apple. To make it more clear, you can say it is similar to a .exe file that Windows PC uses.

Open DMG In Windows Without Any Hardship

You can easily access the data inside these files, but if there are set up for any programs or software inside them, then you won’t be able to use them as they are for macOS only. Apart from that, you can access documents, images and all other files with a universal format. Here we have mentioned 3 methods to do so:

Method 1 – Using 7-Zip

1. Most of the Windows PC have 7-zip archive preinstalled and you can access any dmg format file using that. Install it if you don’t have one from their official website.

2. After that, go to the location on your PC where the desired DMG file is. You can simply open it by right-clicking on the file, selecting the 7-Zip option and then select Open archive.

open DMG in Windows

By this, you will be able to browse the content inside of any DMG.

access dmg using 7 zip

3. If you wish you can even extract them using 7-Zip. For that, again right click on the DMG file, select 7-Zip and then Extract files.

4. Now select the destination folder as per your choice or you keep it the same and then click OK.

extract dmg in windows

The system will take a few minutes to extract the files and once it’s done it will create a folder like any other extracted folder. Then you can browse through the content inside the DMG, but may not be able to use some of the files as they are programmed only for macOS, but you will have the knowledge on what’s inside.

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Method 2 – Using Online Tools

Using this tool, you will simply convert the existing DMG files into Zip format so that it becomes easy to access them on Windows.

1. Open the website FreeFileConvert, click on the File option and then select the DMG from your system in Input File.convert dmg into zip online

2. Then select the output format. It has various formats for Windows, select anyone you wish, here we have selected ZIP.

3. After that click on Convert and then below that box a progress bar will appear. Wait for it to reach 100% and after that, a new screen will load.

convert dmg and download

From this screen, you can download the converted DMG into ZIP. In this tool, you can convert 5 DMG files into ZIP file together.

Method 3 – Convert DMG To ISO

If you wish to make DMG accessible across various Windows platforms then you can simply convert them into ISO files. Below you will find the method to do so using PowerISO. You can download the given application from here. Once you are finished downloading, install it. After that, use the steps below.

1. Open PowerISO application and select the Tool option from the menu select Convert option.

convert dmg into ISO - PowerISO

2. It will open the Convert image file window. Here select the required DMG and then select the location for the destination folder. By default, it will be same as the original file location but you can change it.


3. After this, select output image format as Standard ISO image. You can even put a password in the file in case you want to add security to it. Once all this is done, click on the OK button and wait for the application to complete the conversion. Then you can access the converted ISO file on Windows PC or even burn it to any disk or USB.

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So these were some of the methods with help of which you can run, access, or even convert DMG in Windows. Again you will only be able to browse through the files or open any universal file formats like images, but other programs that are limited to macOS won’t work. Do you know any other alternative? Drop it down in the comments section below.

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