7 Free Online Tools To Track Website Traffic

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Did you know that you don’t need credentials to check someone else’s website traffic? All you need is the complete domain name or URL and that’s it. You can easily check any website’s popularity. Here are some online tools to check the website traffic.

Best Sites To Track Website Traffic

1. Alexa


If you are not a beginner in blogging, then you must have probably heard about Alexa, maybe somewhere in a different blog or in WordPress forums. Checking the website’s popularity is pretty simple in Alexa. Simply enter the complete URL in the text area, and click on Find and the site will take care of the rest. This website will display the global as well as local rank, monthly unique visitors, audience geography, bounce rate, search traffic, related sites, related links, and loading speed.

2. SimilarWeb


One of the best website traffic checker to see what kind of traffic a website is getting. Simply enter the website address and the site will redirect you to the next page in which you can easily find every detail you are looking for. For example, global rank, country rank, category rank, total visits, traffic by countries, traffic sources, organic traffic, social traffic, advertisement, subdomains, audience interests, and competitors and similar sites. Apart from all these categories, you can also find the top websites on the homepage.

3. Ahrefs


This is one of the biggest website or a tool when it comes to SEO and website traffic. Users can keep an accurate check of competitor’s website easily from Ahrefs tool. They can also get the idea from where the traffic is coming from and even specific keywords too. And can also check the backlinks which are bringing more traffic. When it comes to features, Ahrefs is way ahead of any of the services mentioned in this list.

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4. SemRush

SemRush- online tools to track website traffic

Another great SEO website, offering various tools regarding website traffic and stats. It also helps its users to find perfect keywords to get users to land on their website or blog page. But it is also useful for any user trying to find competitors website stats. After entering URL address, it will display complete domain overview including organic search, paid search, backlinks, display advertising, daily visitors, unique visitors, and the top keywords also. Although, you won’t be able to view these statistics directly as you will have to register for first 10 free requests.

5. Quantcast


This online tool is a complete package. But before you proceed, you will be prompted to sign up first. Once it is done, now you can check any website’s performance on the basis of total visitors, ranking, keywords and all. But the website you are entering needs to have a decent amount of daily visitors. You won’t be able to check the stats of a completely new blog. Apart from the stats and demographics, you can also check the top websites sorted on the basis of total visitors and rankings.

6. Visitors Detective

visitors detective

The fastest website unlike the websites mentioned above. That is because it is only designed specifically to check competitor’s traffic or favorite website performance. And users can access Visitors Detective’s features for free. Working is really simple. Enter the website name and hit the enter key. This will redirect you to the results page. The result page will include the website’s total daily visitor’s range, traffic by countries, statistics, incoming links, a brief description, and social networks.

7. StatShow


This is a kind of site analyzing tool through where users can fetch important data and also the required info of any website. They also provide FireFox extension so that you won’t need to log in to this site every time. It can be used either to check keyword stats or websites performance. StatShow provides a ton of features like Daily, weekly, and monthly visitors, Alexa rank, IP address, site age, owner, creation date, name servers, search engine, and the Internet presence, statistical graphics, backlinks, social network activity, IP tracing and so on. I bet no other website provides these many kinds of features.


After going through all the websites listed here, even you will be able to recognize the variety of features and functionalities provided by StatShow. And it does not require any kind of registration and sign up. Therefore it is my first pick in the list of online tools to track website traffic. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.

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