Now view YouTube videos offline on smartphones

Video sharing giant YouTube today introduced a new feature wherein a user can view YouTube videos offline. Viewing YouTube videos is always a problem if you have a data plan with low speed and all of the audience cannot afford high speed data plans because of high costs. However, with this feature launched all of these problems are resolved as one can watch YouTube videos offline without even a low speed data plan.

The offline video viewing service is enabled in YouTube application for smartphones and is currently launched in India and Philippines. To view YouTube video offline a new button has been introduced inside YouTube application for smartphones with iOS and Windows operating system. The procedure to view YouTube videos offline is shared below.

How to view YouTube videos Offline

1. Tap on YouTube application in your smartphone.

2. Open any video which you desire to view in offline mode.

3. On opening the video, you will see a symbol at bottom right corner of the video as shown in the picture below.

View YouTube videos offline
Download Button

4. Click on the symbol. On clicking on the download symbol a pop up will appear which asks for the quality in which you want to view the video in offline mode. Select the quality and tap Ok.

view YouTube videos Offline
Add to Offline

5. Video you selected will start being moved to Offline section so that you can view it without internet connection.

view YouTube videos offline
Offline Section

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Note: The video can be viewed any number of times however it will be in Offline section for 48 hours from the time you moved it to viewing Offline.

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Currently only a few videos are available to be moved to Offline section in order to view them without internet connection. This move from YouTube will definitely benefit users with low speed data connection as now they will  be able to  view YouTube videos offline.


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