Next Generation iPhone expected to have the following six features

It is that time of the year when all the discussions and rumors start about next generation iPhone, this year too is no exception. Next generation iPhone or iPhone 6s will be launched later this year, however here at TechUntold we will list out six expected  Apple iPhone 6s features.

iPhone 6s Expected Features

Dual Lens Camera

iPhone 6s expected features
Expected iPhone 6s Dual Lens Camera

iPhone 6 camera is amazing and adding a dual lens to the iPhone camera will allow more light to enter and hence giving an even better Picture.Additionally, Apple may use optical zoom capability in its next generation iPhone.

Force Touch

Apple may use Force Touch technology in iPhone 6s. Force Touch which is already used by Apple in its Apple Watch helps in differentiating between a tap and a long press on the touch screen. With this iPhone users will be able to use more gestures. Moreover, next generation iPhone is expected to have touch sensor which will give more accurate information about Blood Pressure and Pulse rate.

Minimum 32 GB storage

With iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Apple removed 32 GB storage option and made 16/64/128 GB storage options to choose from. However, with iPhone 6s 32 GB variant is expected to make a come back and 16 GB is expected to be removed from the storage options. Therefore, 32 GB will be the minimum storage variant coming in iPhone 6s.

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iPhone 6s is expected to upgrade the memory by giving an enhanced 2 GB RAM which will make iPhone even more faster.

New A9 Processor

Apple is expected to upgrade the processor to A9 in its next generation iPhone. Similar to A8 processor A9 too will be based on 64 bit architecture. There are reports which suggests that A9 processor might be manufactured by Samsung or Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, however it is not yet confirmed. But the new A9 processor will definitely make the next generation iPhone faster.

Similar Display Size

Rumors suggests that Apple may use the same screen size 4.7 and 5.5 inch in iPhone 6s too.

These were the six iPhone 6s features which are expected as of now. Any further updates on features, price and release date of iPhone 6s will be posted here at TechUntold.


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