10 New WhatsApp Features Released in 2017

Last Updated: October 6, 2018

WhatsApp is hands down the most popular messaging app with over a billion users. To attract even more users and at the same time keep the existing users happy they have been adding some cool features. Adding to the already huge list of WhatsApp features there are many exciting features released in 2017. To let you know about them at one place we are here with this article. We mention the new WhatsApp features introduced in the Android and iOS app recently that makes WhatsApp one of the best chatting apps.

WhatsApp New Features Introduced in 2017

This list strictly restricted to the latest or upcoming WhatsApp features added this year. So, we bet that you won’t find any old features.

1. Offline Messaging for iOS

WhatsApp added support to send messages on WhatsApp without internet connection for iOS version too. It was already available for Android users.

Offline WhatsApp Messaging iOS and Android

This is great news for iPhone users. Of course, the messages will be delivered only when you are connected to Wi-Fi or on enabling cellular data.

2. Stories

If you were not using WhatsApp because of the likes of Snapchat and Instagram Stories then this reason cannot keep you from installing the widely accepted instant messaging app any longer.

WhatsApp Stories

WhatsApp mirrored Stories feature and revamped their Status feature earlier this year which didn’t get great feedback from the existing users. But later when WhatsApp brought the “text status” back with the new name of About then everything settled. Currently, WhatsApp Stories has more than 175 million users that says it all.

3. Multiple Photos/Videos Grouped

WhatsApp has become a convenient medium to share media with friends and colleagues. With the latest update in iOS version, if you send or receive multiple photos or videos they will be grouped together similar to an album.

Media Grouped together - latest WhatsApp feature

This is one of the new WhatsApp features that has also made it to the beta version of Android and is expected to roll out on the official version later this year.

4. Pin Chats

This is a pretty useful feature for the users who receive a lot of unnecessary messages from friends or groups. This makes it annoying to swipe on the chats screen to find the people whom you talk to most.

But not anymore. To tackle this WhatsApp has added a pin chat option which fixes the position of the selected chat at the top. You can pin conversation of maximum 3 contacts. As of now, pin chat is only available on the Android app.

To pin a chat, long tap on the desired contact(s) and select the pin icon at the top. Similarly, pin other contacts if you wish. To unpin the conversation long tap on the pinned chat and select the unpin icon at the top.

new WhatsApp features - Pin WhatsApp chats

5. Read Messages Using Siri

Another handy update rolled out this year. If you are driving or cooking then you can simply ask Siri to read out the recent WhatsApp messages. If that is not enough then it also allows you to reply to the messages.

You just listen and speak and Siri does the rest of the work. It goes without saying that this feature is limited to iPhone users.

6. Unsend/Recall Messages

Sent a message to the wrong contact? Never mind. You can use the recall message feature to unsend sent messages. The message will be deleted from the recipient device with this feature. It supports text messages, videos, photos and GIF.

This feature is still in its beta state and is expected to be launched sometime this year.

7. Document Sharing(Apart from PDF)

It was possible to send PDF files via WhatsApp with an update last year. But if you wish to share other document file types then it can be done now.

Other document files supported are .doc, .docx, .ppt, spreadsheets and more. The maximum size limit is 100 MB for Android and 128 MB for iOS.

8. Photo, Video and GIF Filters

Yet another latest update from WhatsApp which allows users to use it as a photo editing app. While sending the media, swipe up to get the filters. Tap on the desired filter to apply and preview it before sending.

WhatsApp photo, video and GIF filters

9. Two Step Verification

This is the most important update of 2017 considering the security of users. Earlier anyone could use your WhatsApp on their smartphone by just knowing your phone number.

Two Step Verification on WhatsApp

With two-step verification, anyone will have to enter a passcode set up by you to register the account successfully. Follow the steps mentioned in this tutorial to enable two-step verification.

10. Design Updates

This year, WhatsApp has updated its Calls tab look and feel in the app. Now you can see the profile picture of the contact in the call logs.

WhatsApp new Calls Tab

On Android app, there was only one Call button which was used to place video and audio call before. Now, similar to iOS app, WhatsApp for Android also has two separate buttons for Audio and video calls.

These were the top 10 latest WhatsApp features in 2017. We will update this page as soon as we get to know about other new features. Do you know any other feature we missed out? Please share in the comments below.


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