7 Best New Chat Apps To Try Out In 2017

WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Hike, Telegram etc are the most popular and most used communication apps of this smart generation. These apps have connected billions of users across the world and made communication fun and addictive. They have some best features to share and communicate. But the users are looking for new ways that are more than just communication. Luckily there are some developers who are addressing the needs of such users and created some innovative apps for Android and iPhone that are best and worth to try. So here we compiled a list of best new chat apps for 2017 that everyone must try.

New Chat Apps of 2017

1) Glide: Video Chat Messenger

best new chat apps for android and iphone -glide


Glide is one of the fastest growing communication apps. With its rich features, it had attracted more than 10 million users. Glide is different from other chatting apps. It is a video chat messenger app that lets you express your words in the form of short videos.

Glide lets you share real-time moments with your friends and family at a lightning speed. With Glide, you can share your best moments instantly with a just single tap. You can even add filters to create even more fun.

The best thing about Glide is its blazing speed that is a must for multimedia apps.

The app is available for free on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. So download it now and start sharing the real world moments.

Link: Android/iOS

2) Group Me


Group me is another new innovative smart messaging app that’s second on our list. With GroupMe, you can easily stay in touch with your friends and family by creating separate groups and can have fun together. It offers a simple way to stay connected with those who matter most. Whether they be Family, Roommates, Friends, Coworkers, Teams, Bands. Faith Groups, Events, and vacation groups.

With GroupMe, you can be sarcastic by sharing instant memes and gifs from across the web. Raise your sarcasm levels with GroupMe app and enjoy the fun together with your pals.

The app is available for free on Play Store and App Store.

Link: Android/iOS

3) ZapZap Messenger


ZapZap is in the list of new chat apps for 2017. This app uses the Telegram APIs for communication. There are groups of 23 types of categories where you can meet people. Apart from this, you can send self-disappearing messages. This app will overcome the problem of sending large files, using this app you can send files up to 1.5GB.

You will receive the notification as soon as your friend installs the app. And thanks to the developers for developing this app so smartly that it consumes very less battery.

Link: Android

4) Whisper


Whisper is something more similar to a social network that’s more safe and secure. It is a platform that lets you connect with nearly 30 million Whisper users. Whisper lets you share secrets, express yourself and meet new people. It’s a social media where people share their thoughts easily and you can chat with the ones who share common thoughts like yours.

You can join thousands of whisper groups and can whisper your ideas. Try whisper and be a part of secured social media.

Link: Android/iOS

5) OoVoo: Video call, Text, and Voice


This new chat app for Android and iOS is the fastest growing messaging app. With its unique features, it has attracted 50 million users making it to the charts.

OoVoo is similar to many chat apps that offer text, audio, and video calls. The thing that differentiates ooVoo from others is its superior chatting technology.

You can make group video calls with nearly 12 people at a time. OoVoo lets you make rich video calls with the help it’s patented technology that is less prone to call drops.

You can make group calls funny by adding live masks and share funny moments. You can mock at your friends and make fun out of them.

The text messaging can be entertaining with its powerful GIF and meme search.

Link: Android/iOS

6) Airtime

new chat apps of 2017 - airtime

Don’t get confused with the name. Airtime is not a clone of FaceTime which is only available to Apple fanboys. Airtime is far better than FaceTime when compared to features.

With Airtime, you can make rich group video calls. You can even watch and share videos from YouTube and Vimeo and watch together with your friends.

Using Airtime you can share your favorite music with dear and near ones. With Airtime sharing, media is more entertaining and more social.

Unlike ooVoo you are restricted to 6 people in video chat.

Airtime is available for free to download on iOS and Android.

Link: Android/iOS

7) Wuu

wuu app

Wuu is a social networking app that is purely based on sharing stories similar to Snapchat and Instagram. Unlike the other, it’s just purely meant for sharing. No liking and no run for followers.

Wuu helps you to spice up ordinary stories with its fun mixed filters.

Currently, the app is available for only iOS users.

Link: iOS

So here is the list of best new chat apps that are trending in 2017 with quite new and exciting features. If you have something to add then let do us know by dropping the comments below.

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