SpaceX and NASA are ready to land on Mars by 2018

Only 14 years after the birth of the Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX), the company has announced its latest excitement in the field of space exploration, particularly in reconnoitering our red planet, Mars. SpaceX and NASA have collaborated to send the Dragon (spacecraft developed by SpaceX) on an expedition to dig out and collect scientific data which obviously will be used for further research on the planet. No doubt the name of the mission goes by “Red Dragon.”

The company is expecting to commence the launch in 2018 which, apart from collecting crucial data will also demonstrate the technologies that are needed to land large payloads on the red planet using propulsive landings which is the use of potent rockets to stabilize the spacecraft while landing.

The Dragon craft initially was meant to carry human beings inside it but the CEO/CTO Elon Musk says that the interior of the spacecraft is not suitable to carry people for a journeys longer than from our planet to the moon. Still, an official at NASA says that NASA is the only agency that is closer to sending human beings on mars than anyone. The official also gave a hint about NASA’s plans to send humans on Mars in the 2030s.

Musk also said that the new iteration to Dragon, the Dragon 2 is capable of landing anywhere in the solar system due to its design and vision. The company will be funding the project while NASA will provide with technical support and access to Deep Space Network for the purpose of communications.  

Just two days ago the company tweeted about its mission: 

The company also tweeted a GIF yesterday demonstrating the stability of Dragon 2 while landing:

The propulsive landing system is called “SuperDraco propulsive langing system.” The above demonstration is done at a test facility in Texas.

SpaceX is so excited for this endeavor that it is looking forward into the future to actually send humans on Mars on a regular basis. The following picture was uploaded on the Earth Day at SpaceX’s Facebook.

spacex ready to land on mars -earth day

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We highly appreciate the attempt to change the way scientists will see Mars from the data collected using SpaceX’s Dragon 2. Elon Musk was the former entrepreneur at PayPal is the current CEO for Tesla Motors and SpaceX and we already know the success of Tesla in the past couple of years. We believe that SpaceX and NASA will be creating history in just two years from now in the field of space exploration and probably will declare that Mars is ready as an alternate habitat for us.


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