MWC 2016: LG amazed us with G5 and its ‘Friends’

Today, LG announced its flagship, LG G5. The phone is awesome in its own while the addition of accessories and plug-ins to the phone module will be the most talked-about feature at MWC. The company has really gone far from what it launched last year with the G4. As close as it looks are when compared to Nexus 6P, the G5 is one impressive phone at MWC day one that can be compared to the Nexus line without any hesitation.

MWC 2016 LG

The overall structure looks similar like the Nexus 6P in terms of the form factor and the camera design as well as the location of the finger print sensor on the body, but it is a completely new way LG has put up its phone in when it comes to adding plug-ins to the device and controlling accessories. Let’s talk about camera first. The LG G5’s camera module has two rear cameras with 16 megapixels and 8 megapixels sensor. The 8 MP sensor supports wide-angle view shoot (135 degrees). The camera shoots up instantly and the switch between the two cameras has almost no time lag. The fingerprint sensor doubles as the power button for the G5, unlike Nexus 6P. The display is an always on  5.3 inch screen and has a resolution of 2560 x 1440. The always-on display takes about 0.8% of battery every hour. The G5 packs a higher pixel density than the 6P.

MWC 2016 LG G5
LG Cam Plus

The credit for G5’s smooth performance goes to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 accompanied with 4 gigabytes of RAM. The phone has 32 gigabytes of on-board storage which is expandable provided the expansion slot for microSD cards. It rocks USB-C , a removable 2800 mAh battery, a thickness of 8mm and a very right display. The UX design for the phone will eliminate the app drawer to avoid the confusion between unpinning the apps from the home screen and uninstalling them. Now it is a single-layered menu which can be compared to iOS UX and other Chinese phone manufacturers like Lenovo Vibe UI.

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LG said that the mission of G5 is to wake up your play instinct and this is where they announced the extra modules for G5 called the ‘Friends’. These are detachable modules which work only with the G5. They get connected to the battery which comes in a detachable tray accessible through a button provided to unlock the stash. Two of these accessories get attached to the tray. The first plug-in module is the LG Cam Plus which doubles as the power bank for the phone extending its battery to 4,000 mAh and a photo and video capturing accessory. It has a jog dial for a satisfying zoom experience and dedicated keys for recording video and taking photos. There is also an LED indicator to keep you updated about the battery.

LG 360 Cam MWC 2016
LG 360 Cam

There is also LG 360 Cam and a VR Headset that connects through the USB-C connector. The 360 Cam as the name suggests id the 360 degree camera for the G5. The final Friend is the LG Rolling Bot. This is a toy bot which can be controlled using the G5 for the purposes of home monitoring and exercising your pets. The price for the phone has not been announced yet but the company says that they are going to be “reasonable.”

MWC 2016 LG G5
135 degrees Wide angle view

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There is no doubt that G5 will be the most talked about phone launch at this year’s MWC. LG wants to create an ecosystem of accessories connecting with you and coexisting with the current technology and the needs of the human being. These are generation one products. We can’t wait for LG to expand its Friends catalogue.

Stay tuned for more MWC 2016 news.


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