How to Mute Sound for Autoplay Videos on Facebook for iPhone and Android

Did the videos in your Facebook news feed start auto playing with the sound turned on? Don’t be baffled as Facebook was testing out this setting for more than a month now. Finally, I got it on my iOS device today after updating the app to the latest version(83.0). The new setting is also available on Android for version and later. In this tutorial, we will let you know about this latest feature introduced in Facebook app. And how to turn off sound for Autoplay Videos on Facebook iPhone and Android app.

Stop Sound for Autoplay videos on Facebook iPhone and Android app

Until now, if you have not turned off autoplay videos on Facebook then the videos in your news feed would auto play but with the sound turned off by default. To get the sound you need to tap on the video once. But things have changed now and if you have enabled autoplay videos then the videos will play with sound by default. You can tap on the volume icon to quickly mute the volume as shown below.

Mute Video Sound from Facebook news feed

Quickly turn off video sound

But what if you want the videos to autoplay with the sound muted by default as before? Fortunately, Facebook has provided an option to set default sound preference.

You can find them by following the steps shared below.

Turn Off Sound for Autoplay Videos on Facebook App

Stop Autoplay Videos Sound by Default on iOS app

1. Update to the latest version and open the app.

2. Tap on the Hamburger icon at the bottom right and select Settings.

3. Next, select Account Settings.

Facebook iOS App Settings

4. Select Sounds under Settings.

5. There is a new option included which says Videos in News Feed Start With Sound. By default, it will be ON. Toggle it to OFF and tap on the back icon at the top left to save the changes.

Turn Off Sound for Autoplay Videos on Facebook iOS App

Close and open the app for the change to reflect. The videos will autoplay but without sound as you wanted.

Please note that this is only the default setting and you can always turn on the video sound if desired for a particular video by tapping on the mute icon on the video from the Facebook news feed.

Play Video Sound from Facebook News feed

Quickly turn on video sound from news feed

You can always enable the sound by default for Facebook autoplay videos by following the same steps and switching ON Videos in News Feed Start With Sound.

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Autoplay Videos without Sound by Default on Android App

1. After updating to the latest version, open the app.

2. Tap on the Hamburger icon at the top right and select App Settings.

Stop Sound for Autoplay Videos on Facebook Android app

3. Toggle Videos in News Feed Start With Sound to OFF. It will be under General Settings.

Go back to save the changes and restart the app for them to reflect.

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We hope that this article helped you to turn off the sound by default for autoplay videos on Facebook Android and iPhone app. If you found this piece of content informative then share it on social media with your friends.

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