How to mute Instagram Story

It has been almost 2 months since Instagram Stories feature was rolled out. Instagram has been improving it ever since. This time, they added a feature to Stories wherein you can mute Instagram Story.  In this tutorial, we will share everything about the mute Stories feature. What does mute Instagram Story mean and how to mute Stories. Also, what happens when you mute someone’s Instagram story.

mute instagram story

Previously, you could hide your Instagram story from specific followers and I also shared a trick to hide your Seen from Instagram storiesYou can also view Instagram Stories on Web from PC/Computer which also hides your seen from stories of the users you are following. And now, Instagram launched mute feature which also comes in handy in many situations. Let’s dive in.

Mute Instagram Story

Update to the latest version of Instagram(9.4 or higher for iOS) to use the mute Stories feature. The steps are similar for Android and iOS. I will be using screenshots from iOS app for this tutorial.

1. Open Instagram app and all the stories of the followers will be listed at the top.

2. Long tap on the desired profile photo of the user in the bar at the top whose Story you want to mute.

3. Select “Mute [username] Story

mute Instagram Story

With this, you have successfully muted a Story. Similarly, you may mute other Instagram Stories if desired. It is possible to mute multiple Instagram Stories.

You may unmute a Story whenever desired. To unmute again long tap on the profile photo of the user whose Story you want to unmute and select “Unmute [username] Story

Unmute Instagram Story

What does mute mean?

Mute Instagram Story mean that the story will be disabled and won’t be played automatically.

What happens when you mute someone’s Instagram Story?

1. The story muted will move to the end of the bar where all the Instagram Stories are listed.

2. The story will be shown as grayed out.

3. While viewing Stories of other users the muted story won’t play automatically.

4. You can still view the story by manually tapping on it.

Muting Stories feature is useful if you get irritated with specific users photos and videos in their Story.

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Bonus Tip : 

Now you can automatically save photos and videos uploaded to Instagram stories to your phone. While creating a Story on the camera screen tap on Settings(gear icon). Under Story Settings toggle Save Shared Photos to ON. Now, when photos and videos are added to Instagram Story they will automatically be saved to Camera roll/Gallery.

save instagram story photos and videos

We hope that you will enjoy the mute feature and find it useful. Do share it with your friends and subscribe to our newsletter to get Instagram tips and tricks directly delivered to your mailbox.


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