Mute Instagram: How To Hide Someone’s Posts Without Unfollowing Them

Last Updated: October 3, 2018

There’s always a few people in our Instagram who posts boring stuff(when compared to your interests). Or someone who posts quite frequently and fills up your feed with their photos & videos only. To resolve this earlier, the options you had were either unfollowing or blocking them. Neither of them sounds good. Isn’t it? Unfollowing someone on Instagram and then meeting them in person later can be quite awkward. So, to fix this – Instagram has come with a Mute option. In this guide, we have mentioned how to mute Instagram accounts in order to hide someone’s posts without unfollowing them.

The feature was released on both Android and iOS a few weeks back but I got it recently on my account. Now, when it is there let’s see how to use it.

How To Mute Instagram Accounts?

Update the Instagram app to the latest version from Play Store and iTunes depending on the type of device you own. Once that is done follow the steps below.

I have used steps and screenshots from the Android app but iPhone/iPad users won’t face any issues while following the method.

1. Open the Instagram app and on your news feed tap on the 3 dots above the post of the person or account whose posts you wish to hide from your news feed.

Mute Instagram Accounts Without Unfollowing Them

2. From the menu select Mute. On the next pop-up select Mute Posts to hide only their photos and videos. If you wish to do so for their stories as well then select Mute Posts and Story. In this case, their story will also be muted.

Alternatively, you can go to their profile screen and tap on the 3 dots at the top right corner and select Mute. After that select the desired option from posts, story or both.

How to Hide Someone's Instagram posts without unfollowing them

It is possible to unmute accounts later if you change your mind. In order to do that, go to their profile and below their bio, you will see that you have muted them with an option to Unmute. Tap on it.

Unmute Instagram account

That’s it. You can use the 3 dots on their profile page to unmute as well.

Hide Someone’s Instagram Posts Without Unfollowing

Mute was pretty much a requirement and now it has been fulfilled by the popular photo-sharing app. The only thing I didn’t like is when you mute a lot of accounts then you might lose the track of them. As there is no section dedicated for muted accounts under your Settings like for Blocked, hence you might face a hard time when you decide to unmute those accounts.

Apart from that, it is a good feature to have. What do you think? Drop a comment and let us know in the comments.


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