mSpy vs FlexiSpy : Spy on WhatsApp Calls and Messages

Last Updated: October 16, 2018

If you are looking to spy on WhatsApp calls and Messages you very well might have got to know that there are many apps in the market which could do that for you. However, quality one’s are few. If you have done your research well about WhatsApp tracking apps then you might have learnt about mSpy and FlexiSpy for sure. If not then let me tell you these two apps are best you can get for spying on smartphone activities like calls, messages, location, instant messengers like FB messenger, WhatsApp, Viber etc. Here in this article I will compare the two apps mSpy and FlexiSpy and list down the differences which will help you out in choosing the best one for you.

mSpy vs FlexiSpy spy on whatspp

mSpy vs FlexiSpy

iPhoneJailbreak not necessary to spy on target device.Without jailbreaking target device you cannot spy anything on it using FlexiSpy.
Android – Spy on Instant MessengersRoot Required to spy on WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Skype etc. using mSpy.No difference. Same as mSpy root Required for Android devices to spy on WhatsApp.
iPhone – Spy on Instant MessengersiPhone need not to be jailbroken to Spy on WhatsApp, Skype and Line.iPhone has to be jailbroken to spy on WhatsApp and other instant Messengers using FlexiSpy.
Live Calls and Recording Cannot Spy on Live Calls or provide call recordings.Can Listen to live calls and get call recordings with FlexiSpy Extreme Version.

If target device is Android it has to be rooted and If target device is iOS it has to be jailbreak to use this feature

Call LogsIt provides call logs with time duration,number etc. without root/jailbreak.Android need not be rooted, iOS has to be jailbreak to monitor call logs.
WhatsApp Calls mSpy cannot Spy on WhatsApp calls. FlexiSpy can spy on WhatsApp calls.

Android device needs to be rooted and iPhone needs to jailbroken to get WhatsApp call logs using mSpy.

Additionally, FlexiSpy can give WhatsApp Call Recordings for iOS as well apart from call logs.


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Apart from these, FlexiSpy has some more advanced features.

1. Listen to phone surroundings and/or record them – Apart from listening or recording live calls you can also hear phone surroundings and even record them if desired. Useful if you want to be know what your kid/ employee etc. speaks at particular point of time. You just need to set the time and FlexiSpy will record the phone surrounding for that time interval.

2. Secretly take a picture using the camera – Useful if you want to know what is the surrounding like and make sure is it the same place your kid, employee claims to be he/she is. FlexiSpy will take a picture secretly using their smartphone camera and it will be uploaded to your FlexiSpy account which you view remotely.

The above were the main features what I think are different between mSpy and FlexiSpy which might confuse you. However, after the above comparison I am sure it’s clear in your mind that there is no winner or looser here and neither it was my intention to declare one with this article.

The main takeaway after reading this article should be which app suits you the best considering your situation and what is the main feature you want to spy. For instance, if you want to spy on WhatsApp calls or live call recordings then you should go for FlexiSpy. But if you are looking to spy iPhone without jailbreak then mSpy is the way to go for you. This is just an example, there are many other things you might consider while chosing between the two.

I hope that you were able to choose among the two smartphone spying apps. If there is any other doubt you can always get in touch with me in comments section.


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