Mozilla Firefox expected to come soon to iOS

Apple has been too restrictive when it comes to third party browsers on iOS, the reason why browser like Mozilla Firefox didn’t make it to iOS App Store yet. However, nearly for a year now, Mozilla has stated that it will launch Mozilla Firefox for iOS soon. In an internal event in Portland today, Mozilla discussed about the need to get the Firefox browser to iOS.

Firefox for iOS
Firefox for iOS

Mozilla Firefox for iOS expected soon

Mozilla Firefox is expected to soon appear on iPhones and iPads. Expectations are given more strength after the Tweet from Lukas Blakk, Firefox project manager who says:

We need to be where our users are so we’re going to get Firefox on iOS

The feeling which comes after this tweet from Lukas Blakk is that he could be rephrasing the earlier comments from Mozilla’s VP Jonathan Nightingale, who spoke earlier.

Also, the company’s manager of data science, Mathew Ruttley tweeted a photo of iPhone 6 captioned:

Firefox for iOS!! Let’s do this!!!

Currently Google Chrome, Opera, Dolphin and UC Browser are the main third party browsers which are there on iOS. These browsers could make it to iOS because of the fact that they are using Apple’s own JavaScript and WebKit rendering engine. Therefore, for Mozilla too there will be no difference in rules and they too will have to use Apple’s own Webkit rendering engine and JavaScript components.

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Earlier in 2012 Firefox Home project was abandoned which was an App for iOS from Mozilla to keep bookmarks and passwords in sync. However, Mozilla would want  Mozilla Firefox for iOS project to be successful and soon iPhone and iPad users would see Mozilla Firefox browser.


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