Mozilla discontinues Firefox OS for Smartphones

Mozilla discontinues Firefox OS. One of the most active open source community has decided to stop developing its mobile operating system. Firefox OS is at its bitter end and the news does not seem even a little surprising. Well the end is not that bad since the company has decided to stop developing for the smartphone market to focus in the future of connected devices also known as IoT (Internet of Things).

Despite having a great response in the continents like Africa and South America, the sales of the smartphones and the adaptation of the Firefox OS were not enough to actually take it as a deal that breaks the Android, iOS or even Windows Phone counterparts. The operating system failed poorly and was definitely not able to compete with the quality of the native applications being only a web-based platform.

mozilla quits firefox os
Mozilla debuted its Linux kernel-based Firefox OS just two years ago in 2013. Mozilla supported a total of 18 smartphones and one TV but the sales were always below expectations. Being a web-based platform the operating system felt unfinished and really slow while working when compared to the competitions like Android and iOS. The phones were criticized for their poor performance and ultimately resulted in users switching to other platforms. The lack of the native applications is one major functionality that can be blamed for killing the project.

mozilla discontinues firefox os focuses on IoT

Firefox OS smartphones were meant to be available for all and at a much cheaper rates than any other provider. But Google already had plans for it when it released its Android One platform phones in the starting of 2014 and the iPhone lovers were provided with a cheaper iPhone (iPhone 5C) the same year. Moreover it seemed like that Mozilla had no chance of standing against the tech giants when it comes to smartphones and applications. The end was probably written, at least in the tech world, considering Mozilla has also given the responsibility of maintaining its email-client software called Thunderbird not so long ago.

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This news is sad but it will help the company get even stronger focus on its current projects involving the innovation in Internet of Things. The sacrifice seems a step to strengthen the position of the company in the market and hints at something big for Mozilla and its Firefox platform in the coming years.


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